Sunday, 20 November 2022

No Curry Mee. Waiting Waiting And Not GEtting

As most of us predicted, the high possibility of a hung parliament became reality as the GE 15 election results were tallied. 

I stayed up until almost 4:00 am this morning (my usual wake up time LOL!) and called it quits when it was apparent that none of the coalitions had the numbers to form a new government. Bah!

So with that, there is no celebration, as the hope that I (and many other Malaysians) had burning in our spirits seemed to fade and the resignation that we are now back to square one sank in.

As of  the time of writing, negotiations are being held to form alliances to gather enough numbers required to form a new government.

Yes, I am disappointed and dejected. But life goes on for the ordinary you and me. We just have to wait and still keep hope  alive in our hearts. 

This kept me awake yesterday.

At 6:00pm I parked myself in front of the TV. When my partner came home later in the evening, we sat together to wait for the election results.

Belle Belle decided to join in.

Then she fell asleep. My partner had a long day and he told me about the massive jam he faced on the way to and from Penang. By midnight, he couldn't keep his eyes open. So I told him to go ahead upstairs while I kept vigil.

Then Belle Belle moved to daddy's spot.

She fell asleep again.

Meanwhile I got comfy on the other sofa. 

Then Belle Belle came to kacau me.

Belle Belle, what are you trying to do?


She has never done this before.

So lovey dovey pulak.

Eh, tido lagi. I was getting very very sleepy too.

That's it. I cannot tahan liao

I have to get some sleep.

Next thing I know. Girl came to join us.

You can see how tired I looked. I only managed 3 hours sleep and I am very groggy right now.

I don't know how long our politicians are going to take in their talks before we get a firm answer as to who is our kerajaan.

So a BBBE it is for me. Let me go and cook my beef. I really have to knock off early this evening.


  1. Life goes on. I also feel the same. Really leaving us hanging. Lol. We shall know who is the government in next few hours or few days. But I bet the key point is Sarawak GPS party and high chance will be coalition with PN.

    1. I think by today we should know. I was so depressed yesterday. LOL!

  2. I think the same as Rose too. Hope can get an answer tonight. Belle Belle is so sweet to hug you and sleep. Girl doesn't want to miss out on hugging mommy so she joins in too. Please have a good sleep since you monitored the results the whole night.

  3. Hey!!! Have you lost a lot of weight? You will not recognise me if you see me now, only skin and bone left...and the skin body now looks like ET's. So sad.

    I slept around midnight - but by then, we knew the results for all the seats in Sarawak already, though not official yet. Now they are negotiating and in the end, we may get the very people we do not want in the government. Stupid, so pissed off!!!

    1. I did! Lost 8kg LOL! Oh dear. Your doctor is not doing you any good, I'm afraid. You sound like you need to eat more meat but your doctor says no no. That's why I don't rely on doctors anymore. I do my own research.

      I feel the same way as you! Might as well not have an election. So pissed off!

  4. I only bersemangat went for voting but didn't stay up for the result. :P
    I saw rashes on your mouth area, was that allergic?

    1. You are so observant! I have some allergy issue especially when I eat oily food. The skin becomes itchy.

  5. Girl is jealous....and wants to get in on the lovey-dovey action between you and Belle Belle....just like Belle Belle trying to split the lovey-dovey action between you and your lahling by sitting right smack in the middle...hah..hah. I'll need some of that coffee to keep me awake that the World Cup is here. By the way, is coffee permitted on a carnivore diet?

    1. LOL! Ah, now I remember that you are a football fan. I don't like football or any other sport. Yes, coffee is permitted although the strict ones don't drink coffee. I won't give up coffee. LOL!