Friday, 18 November 2022

Gearing Up In Case Of BBBE

I did say that if PH Wins GE 15 I will eat carbohydrates although carbohydrates are detrimental to me.

And I did also say that if PH fails in their bid to form a new government, then I will mourn by going on a 30 day BBBE challenge. BBBE stands for Bacon, Beef, Butter and Eggs.

So to prepare for that eventuality, I went grocery shopping.

1. Bacon

2. Beef

3. Butter

4. Eggs

So we shall see what happens Saturday 19-11-2022. I will be voting at the Damansara constituency and I will stay up for the election results like I did in 2018

Meanwhile, last Thursday I failed my fasting skip day. Really couldn't tahan, so I broke my fast.

Today is a skip day and hopefully I do better. I will break my fast early tomorrow morning before I leave for the polling station.

Ayuh Malaysia! Kita boleh! Lawan tetap lawan! Lawan sampai menang! Membujur lalu melintang patah (habis)!



  1. Go! Go! Go! For Tomorrow! 💪Very meaty meal! Thanks for showing us the raw ingredients. Will be a guide for us if we later wants to go BBBE!

  2. Not for me, not even the eggs but I don't care. I eat two a day for the protein! Vote wisely!!! The future of your country is in your hands!

  3. Tomorrow is the day!! The result determine your diet path!! Lol. Whatever it is, good luck.

  4. Haha, you ugly looking sausages... LOL