Wednesday, 7 December 2022

Christmas Mood At The Starling

I must say that the Christmas decorations at The Starling is quite understated. Nothing spectacular like at the bigger malls.

I suspect the Christmas tress have been recycled from Christmas past. They look very familiar.

It makes sense to cut cost and not splash too much on these things that will be soon taken down to make way for the next festivity - Chinese New Year.

This year's Christmas theme is French.

See that word? Fleuriste mean florist in French.

Magasin apparently means store or shop.

There are many booths selling things like cookies, cakes, trinkets, apparel and many more.

There is this little lane and last weekend I saw many leng luis snapping photo here.

They posed at this bicycle.

There is this lovely flower booth.

I saw many leng luis and also aunties posing happily here.

I thought this was the pretties spot.

Ooops! I caught this tiny leng lui going into the booth.

There were also these two performers belting out songs.

They were pretty good, although the sound system did not do them justice. I dropped a note into their collection box as did many people.

Ah! Snacks. I stayed far far away hee..hee..

Well, the end of the year is very near.

Some of you are probably already on holiday or plan on going somewhere to chill out with your family. Me? Life goes on as usual.


  1. Thanks for the photos of the Xmas decorations at Starling. Don't think I will be visiting starling anytime soon. No need to have elaborate decorations. As long as can bring the festive mood is good enough.

  2. nice decorations at the Starling mall despite a simple one. I also went to a few bigger malls, and felt that alot of their decorations recycled from the past.

  3. Well, something is better than nothing. I have not been around here lately so I really dunno what the mood is like. Some relatives of mine are coming around the week before Christmas so I guess I will be busy then but the rest of the time should be pretty quiet. Old age, nothing much seems to be happening.

    1. You have something to look forward to!

  4. Quite a boring and dull Xmas decoration, I must say. =.="

  5. I wish I could write the actual truths behind the lame decorations. You could see that SHC owns both Starling and One Utama but they have different budget.

    1. I bet they spend more on 1 Utama as that is the big one and pulls the crowds.