Friday, 9 December 2022

Air Fried Chicken Chop

The other day at Aeon, I picked up a packet of Aqina Pineapple Chicken. I was just curious what this pineapple chicken is all about.

This chicken is touted to be :

1. First and only Pineapple Chicken in Malaysia
2. Fed with a pineapple enzyme, Bromelain
3. No antibiotics
4. No growth hormone

and no, I wasn't paid to promote this chicken hah...hah...hah...

This packet contains two deboned whole chicken legs.

I just chucked whatever seasonings I had to make a marinade.

Then I simply kacau-kacau and added some melted butter and kacau-kacau some more.

Then it was off to the air fryer.

Skin side down.

Air fry at 200C for 10 minutes.

Then flip it over.

Then continue to air fry.

At 200C for another 5 minutes.

Nicely browned and cooked through.

The meat was tender and juicy.

This was the chicken thigh that I used for my meat bowl. And yes, I might buy this Pineapple Chicken from time to time.


  1. I normally started at 180C for 6-8 minutes for air frying meat, then followed by further browning with 200C.

  2. looks delicious! your air fryer put to good use these days!

    1. It is is use practically everyday. Very berbaloi that I bought it. LOL!

  3. Yes, it does look very good once done. They come out with all sorts of things these days.

    1. Thanks! There is even seaweed chicken. LOL!

  4. I have bought this pineapple chicken before and it tastes good. Very convenient since it is boneless. Your meat bowl looks tasty! 😋

    1. Yes, I remember you posted about the Pineapple Chicken :)