Saturday 3 June 2023

Chao Hotpot, The Starling

Chao Hotpot @ The Starling opened with a bang just before Chinese New Year. Ever since then, I have been walking past and yet did not have the courage to walk in on my own.

I mean, it is a hotpot place and usually you go there with at least another person in tow.

And then one day I noticed that they serve one person meals.

Their Super Set Lunch for individual hotpot.

And the Chao Spicy Lunch Set and Local Delight Lunch Set. Hmmm... sounds nice!

So I walked in one day for a test drive. The decor is pretty much fancy and bar-like, I mean, after all they call themselves a Hotpot Bar.

The table I sat at faced this wall of bottles. I settled on the Spicy Lunch Set and chose the Portuguese Grill Fish set. This set comes with a drink.

I don't know the name of the drink in Chinese and the label said "Sugar Cane with Water Chestnut". The leng lui gave me two choices and I asked her to get me the one that was the least sweet.

This drink is very pleasant and refreshing, sweet but not too sweet.

I liked it a lot.

And then my food was served.

One bowl of rice, a small tray of 3 side dishes and the main dish of grilled spicy fish.

The side dishes consists of half an egg, a spicy pickle that tasted quite similar to kimchi and something sweet and chewy which I reckon is the dessert. 

The grilled fish was covered generously with a spice paste.

It was stingray judging from the soft bones. There were some slices of ladies fingers and brinjals in the mix. As for the spice paste, it was spicy but I did not register was sort of mix it was. I can't say that I was impressed.

It tasted nothing like any spice paste that I am familiar with. The portion size of the fish was generous and this meal was very filling. What I can say is that I did not regret ordering this meal but I won't order it again. 

There is a side tray next to main table where you will find a jug of water and tissue paper.

That is where you will find you bill. This lunch cost me RM30.70. As for future visits, I am not too sure if I will be back. The ambiance does not beckon but I am sure there are others who may find this place (and the food) pleasing.


  1. I love Portuguese Grill Fish! Used to go for the one at the food court at Mid Valley. We do not have it here so I have not had it for years now!

    1. I am sure if I had a proper one, I would love it too.

  2. Yes, that's looks properly grilled but if the spice paste is not good, then the fish won't be very enjoyable. So let's shift focus from the food....ah, that stainless steel crockery and utensil set I would gladly have in my home. Looks expensive, good quality and so shiny-lah! ;) Lately, I have this thing for stainless steel tableware...and have been "collecting" (as in buying-lah) Zebra products one by! ;D

    1. Ah, I thought those stainless steel crockery and utensils are so cool and it looks like you are now stainless steel-crazy! LOL! I have stopped collecting anything because I have way too many pots and stuff in my kitchen.

  3. Thank you for sharing with us your experience with this eatery. I don't think I will eat at this place too as I this cuisine is last in my list. 😂

  4. The stingray looked meaty and the dessert is grilled rice cake served with brown sugar syrup & Kinako powder.

    1. Oh, thanks for explaining the dessert. That's the first time I had such a dessert.