Friday 9 June 2023

Beefy Kitty

I mentioned the other day that Kittie Kat didn't come home. So I thought to myself (positive thinking here) maybe someone "kidnapped" her and she has found a forever home. 

That would save me some money on cat food.

Nah.... The next morning this happened when I opened the door.

Kittie Kat was doing her Spiderman act.

This little girl is tenacious.

Eventually she dropped down to the floor.

And started darting here there and everywhere. I really cannot tahan.

So she went straight to jail.

Ha.... run here and there some more ....

Naughty some more .... mami kasi masuk lokap!

After I was done with whatever I had to do, it was time to go to work. So I had to let her out of the cage.

She is not particularly good looking. Maybe that's why nobody kidnapped her. 

So you are stuck with mummy or rather, mummy is stuck with you. Tsk!

This morning I discovered that two of my glass bottles cracked in the freezer.

This is the first time it has happened. I did not overfill the bottles with bone broth (I left adequate head space) but somehow they still cracked. What a waste.

My beefy soup last night.

Even thought it was not that good, I still gotta eat it.

Must not waste!

Well, it looks like I am stuck with this one.


  1. Kittie Kat is so super cute despite the so many colours on her face. 😻I am so happy Kittie Kat is home. Better in lokap and safe than ai, I couldn't say it. That day my brother sent me a photo of cat cruelty where a cat was found hung by the neck somewhere and it happened in this country where I thought people are not cruel to cats. So sad to see that photo. Someone reported the killing to the police and made a formal police report.

    1. She is very cheeky! Oh dear, some people can be so cruel to animals. They should be punished!

  2. Look at her, so obedient, sitting in her lokap, looking at mommy with big round eyes while mommy took her photos. 🥰😍

  3. this little kittie seems to miss home so much that got her climb the door grill. So cute! I miss my office cat too. Yea, that now-grown-up-kitty that used to accompany me to the carpark everyday.

    1. Oh ya, I remember your office cat. I hope that cat is doing all right.

  4. Replies
    1. But she is not, just very precocious and cheeky.

  5. Lol....since her own mommy says she's not good looking, then I can say I agree...wuahahahaha! It's like my stray ginger male...he's also considered not good looking, that's why no takers (aka kidnappers) until now (unlike the very pretty stray female). I think when they have black spots in the wrong places (like around the eyes, nose and mouth), they're deemed not that pretty (the ginger male has black spot on his lips of all places!). Well, that's the fact of life isn't it...both in the human and animal world. People (and animals alike) are judged by their beauty...and if you're pretty, more doors open for you. It's a sad fact...but a true fact! >.<

    Oh dear, even good quality Mason jars can break in the freezer? O_o So sayang as these jars are really expensive. Luckily they're good quality...and they crack, not shatter in your fridge. Did you cool our broth before pouring into your mason jar? I read that you have to do that (and not filling up to the top for expansion which you're already aware of). Perhaps also don't close the lid too tightly? Better still is to put the mason jar-flled broth into the fridge to let both the broth and jar get cold completely before putting into the freezer. Hopefully these tips will work for you when you restock your jars. ^_~

    1. hah..hah.. yes, yes, my child is ugly! LOL! I thought the ginger male was quite nice looking. Ah, yes, the world is very unfair. Only the pretty and good looking once get noticed.

      Those jars were actually recycled from pasta sauce jars. I have had them for years. My broth was warm when I poured it into the jars and yes, I did cool them and stored in the fridge first before putting them into the freezer. I am guessing maybe it was due to wear and tear (pressure on the glass) that cause the cracking.

  6. Your Kittie Kat is like an artist's pallet of myriad colours. Cheeky adds excitement to your life.

    When good quality jars could crack in the freezer means the QC of the manufacturers have problems. I read up a lot about glasswares since young when my mum was hoarding so much pyrex, corning wares and Noritake sets. I even tossed some of shatter proof Ware's onto the floor to be convinced. Silly me.

    1. Cheeky makes mommy very tired!

      My mum also has a good collection of corning wares and pyrex!