Friday, 5 April 2019

Dirty Rice with Spiced Chicken

After googling so many dirty rice recipes, I got fed up and decided to just go forth and dirty my rice in my own way, based on some of the recipes I have seen.

The first dirty rice I cooked was not so successful in terms of taste. Besides, it didn't even look dirty, not that it really mattered. I'm all about the flavors. It's good if I want to have second helpings hee..hee... 

In the first attempt, I followed a recipe that used onions, salt, pepper and canned tomatoes (I used fresh). This time, I used carrots, celery and onions as the aromatics and spiced it up with Cajun seasoning. 

For the chicken, I used two chicken legs. Once the chicken was done roasting, I prepared the rice.

I also added the drippings from the roasted chicken into the rice because that's where all the amazing flavors are.

Then simply cook in the rice cooker like normal.

After all these years, I admit that I still don't know how to cook rice on the stove top. Sure, I've seen how it is done on TV but I dare not try because I am afraid I will burn the rice.

When the rice was done, the chicken did not look as beautiful. Maybe a better way for nicer presentation is to add the chicken midway through cooking when the water in the rice cooker has been significantly reduced. 

This second attempt is much better. The rice got its flavors from the celery, carrots and onions, Cajun seasoning, chicken drippings and the chicken itself. 

Cooking a dish like this is very practical because I can use it for my meal prep over the next four days (there was also enough for dinner the day I cooked). All I need to do is add some veggies like cucumbers and tomatoes. 

Here's to more one rice pot meals!

Dirty Rice with Spiced Roasted Chicken
Recipe source : Adapted from many recipes

For the chicken :
- Two whole chicken legs

Marinade for chicken, mix together :
- 1 tsp sea salt
- 1 tbsp smoked paprika
- 1 tsp garlic powder
- 1/2 tsp freshly cracked black pepper
- 1 tsp dried oregano
- 2 tbsp olive oil

For the rice :
- 2 cups brown rice (or Basmati rice), soaked for 20 minutes, washed and drained
- 1 rib celery, diced
- 1 small carrot, diced
- 1 red medium onions, diced
- 1 tomato, diced
- 1 tbsp Cajun seasoning
- 4 cups water (better still, use chicken stock)
- olive oil

Method :
1. Rub marinade all over the chicken legs and marinate overnight or for a few hours.
2. Roast chicken legs at 180C for about 35 minutes. It need not be cooked through since we are going to cook it with the rice.
3. After the chicken is roasted, prepare the rice.
4. Heat oil in pan and saute the celery, carrots and onions until aromatic.
5. Add Cajun seasoning and and diced tomato. Stir to mix.
6. Add drippings from the roasted chicken (optional) and rice. Stir to mix the rice with all ingredients and transfer to rice cooker.
7. Add water and place chicken on top of rice. Cook the rice as you would normally do.


  1. looks delicious! wow! you create your own recipes nowadays. one pot rice is the way to go for convenience!

    1. Just mix and match what I found on the internet heh..heh..

  2. Phong Hong's specialty the 'dirty rice' looks very 'hoi wai' (appetising)...I wanna have a bowl please.....

    1. I hope you like Cajun seasoning hee...hee....

  3. Look like briyani rice to me. Colourful.

    Must be good that you helping yourself to more serving. ^^

    1. Yes, like briyani rice so I suppose any rice that is not white, can call "dirty" :)

  4. This aunty eats everything inscluding dirty rice! I am surprised there is such yummy food. I want to learn to make this easy food.

    I am shocked that you cannot cook rice over the stove. I am an expert on this not by choice because I had to cook rice everyday for my Korean friends to eat in US. We had no rice cooker and they were amazed that I was such expert with the stove to make the rice wet, mushy or dry. Come I teach you. Want???

    1. heh..heh... You are so clever lah, can cook a few hundred chicken wings and can even cook rice over the stove! You must have been very popular for your culinary tricks back in the US.

  5. Never mind what you say but it does not look dirty at all. I've got my mum to thank for this - she taught me when I was small to cook rice over a kerosene stove so a gas stove is no problem at all, so easy!

  6. Mmg good choice lah u guna brown rice LL, sebab brown rice akan nampak nasi U lagi dirty hihi....
    Ohhh kalau tengok dpd resepi, nasi dia tak delah berempah sangat, sayur je yg banyakkan...harap kat ayam tu ajelah yg ada perasa kan ...

    1. hah..hah.. betul tu Hainom! Tak buat apa2 pun dah nampak dirty hee..hee..

  7. Your dirty rice with roasted chicken looks so yummy, i can have two bowls but no celery please thank you hee hee

    1. Oh, you don't like celery hah..hah...

  8. It's like making the base for tomato soup and just add that to rice (you did include tomatoes this time right? I see some red bits floating in there). Actually the chicken legs look so beautifully roasted I would not have the heart to submerge it in water to cook the rice. I'd probably just cook the rice separately and put the chicken legs on top when done.

    P/S: I see we have yet another thing in common...we use the same rice cooker! I recently got myself a smaller rice cooker (more like my husband bought one for me)...the red one. Is yours with a stainless steel inner pot too? ;)

    1. Ah! You use the same rice cooker too hee..hee... Yes, the inner pot is stainless steel which is the reason why I bought this one. The old (bigger) one had non-stick coating which I think is not good for health.

      Yes, I added one diced tomato to the rice. Your are right, best to add the roasted chicken once the rice is cooked.

  9. Wow! This is an idea for my Son's school bekal.
    TQ PH

  10. Great comfort food - maybe you could also do a roast pork version of dirty rice someday :)

  11. Looks delicious! The last picture makes me drool. Maybe one day I will try this recipe for a one rice pot meal.

  12. There is no right or wrong recipe. Just do it your way and everything still taste delicious after that coz I always feel this way... whatever I cook, it still taste good! hahahaa..

    1. I agree with you. What we simply cook at home will always turn out good!

  13. Haha, I also don't know how to cook rice on stove LOL


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