Thursday 7 December 2023

Past Eats at A Foodies' Nest

This was back in October on the days when I came back from hospital visits.

I decided to try something from this stall, Wai Kei. I settled on something safe that I like, Sweet and Sour Pork with Rice

The pork was basically small pieces of meat deep fried until crispy. So it was not meaty, you get more batter than meat.

In terms of taste, it wasn't bad but it is not something I would want to come back for.

Then another day I was hankering for curry mee. So I thought I would give the one at Triple Happiness a try.

This one came with poached chicken.

There was also half an egg and a piece of brinjal. I thought the curry gravy was all right. The sambal was pretty good. 

I also revisited Mamalee (they are still going strong) to tapau lunch for my mum. 

Their decor is pretty much the same.

I tapau a Nasi Goreng Kampung with request for it not to be spicy (mum can't tolerate chilies these days). 

I have tried their Nasi Goreng Kampung during the pandemic. I am sure it is still as good as before.


  1. The sweet and sour pork looks good. I don't mind if it's all batter as long as it is not soggy. Sometimes, when submerged in the sauce for too long before eating, it may get soaked. Somehow I am not into curry mee and I would not go for kampung fried rice outside.

    1. I bet your own kampung fried rice is loads better than the ones outside.

  2. Kam Kee sweet and sour pork is very nice, very thin batter and meaty. Your curry Mee looks good. Oh, mamalee is still around. Good to hear that.

  3. It's quite unusual to see hard boiled egg in curry mee and garnished with coriander/Chinese parsley. :P

    1. Hmmm... I never thought of that hah..hah...