Wednesday 6 December 2023

No Mood for Christmas

I am still recovering from the effects of Covid and as of today, I must say that I am feeling a lot better than I did the past few days.

I have been sleeping very early and this morning, quite honestly, I wished I could continue sleeping until late. But alas I cannot. Duty calls!

My whole system is like upside down. My head still doesn't feel right. And even my digestion is huru-hara. At 10:00am I was feeling very hungry.

I had no choice but to eat something. Did I enjoy it? No, I didn't. I just ate to satisfy my hunger.

Then I went for a walk to look at the Christmas decorations at The Starling.

As usual, there is a bazaar at the concourse. Lots of snacks, trinkets and what nots for sale.

The decorations this year is quite sparse and simple.

Can't go wrong with decorated Christmas trees.

Lots of teddy bears too.

And a cosy looking sitting room.

Ah, I see that Victoria Station is back with their lasagna and other goodies.

I was walking around like a zombie, no spring in my steps.

My energy level is still way below par.

Today is the first day that I am walking around in public. 

Actually yesterday, I did go out but just a quick trip to the pharmacy for more test kits (always good to keep spare ones) and supplements.

It's good to feel a bit more normal again.

I went to Hank's to see if there were any special offers for bacon. Nope, don't have.

Then I went to Jaya Grocer to check on cat food.

And I saw someone familiar.

Donald's brother was shopping at Jaya Grocer. I wanted to say hello but he was quick on his feet heh..heh...

Ah well. I might pop by for some roasted duck.

A new stall has opened at A Foodies' Nest - Mee Tarik Dumplings.


  1. Very nice, the decorations. I don't know what they have at the malls here - I have not gone around to see. Like you, I don't feel the mood for Christmas either. It will probably just go past like any other day. Gosh!!! It's that bad, eh? COVID! Touch wood, fingers crossed! Spare me! I was so sick not that long ago I thought I was about to leave this world but I'm more or less recovering now. Hope to stay that way.

    1. I pray that you and your family do not ever get Covid. It is not a pleasant experience >.<

  2. Ah, good to see you are out walking about. 💪Thank you for the photos. Do rest more and get back your strength and energy. Pray 🙏 don't have long cvd. 🙏

    1. Thanks, I intend to do some intensive resting this weekend hah..hah... I must get back my normal health again!

  3. Quite a boring X'mas decoration I would say, haha!

  4. The Xmas trees and decorations are probably recycled from past I'm also in no mood for Christmas. :( It's difficult to comprehend how one doesn't enjoy the food one used to love so much previously. I know you don't eat carbs since becoming a carnivore but not enjoy them even on your cheat days? If I had to cut off a certain food I love (for diet or health reasons), I would savour them slowly when I can eat them on a cheat day....hah..hah.

    1. You are quite right, those are recycled Christmas trees. Me not enjoying the food could be due to my compromised tastebuds. I really have to test the wantan mee again. LOL!