Monday 11 December 2023

Today is Public Holiday Yay!

Today I took the opportunity to do something about my jungle garden. 

That green patch outside my house has now been overgrown with weeds and all manner of vegetation. My shrubs needed trimming and weeds needed pulling.

I meant to wake up early but ever since I got Covid, I have not been able to wake up at my usual time. I woke up late, at 6:00 am. I know 6:00 am is early to many people but my early is 3:30 am or 4:00 am (my natural wake up time).

So I got up, made coffee and then went back upstairs for a quick wash up. Then I fed the cats and started my project. As most people who garden know, you can't get these things completed in just one day. But I got quite a bit done and filled up one big garbage bag with garden refuse. To be continued next week.

As you all know, I have been eating carbs especially so when I was sick. Somehow I just couldn't eat an all meat meal and I had to have rice. Though I am now tapering off and easing back into my meat-based diet.

This was my one meal yesterday and I was quite pleased that I was able to fast. No breakfast, no lunch and just one meal for dinner. Ah! Progress! I had air fried beef trimmings and minced beef omelette. Yes, there was rice underneath all that.

This is the omelette. About 100g of minced beef sauteed with sliced onions and jalapeno. And four beaten eggs. I now eat minced beef rather than steaks to save money.

This was Friday's lunch (dinner was the same) of (again) minced beef omelette, beef trimmings, cucumbers and rice. The Japanese cucumber tasted bitter, I don't know why.

The air fried (cheap) beef trimmings were cooked till very crispy.

The minced beef omelette is now becoming a regular staple in my kitchen. 

Yesterday I took another shot at cooking Hong Kong style Borscht soup. 

This time I added less tomato puree (just used the smallest can) and added some tomato ketchup. I also used my leftover cherry tomatoes (which were shriveling up in the fridge).

I also had some carrots and celery which needed to be used up (these were from my previous attempt).

After tasting the soup, I had to reluctantly add some sugar to kill the tart taste of the tomato puree. It's no big deal, just one tablespoon of sugar into approximately 1 liter of soup. And it worked wonders! The soup was no longer so sour and it tasted a whole lot better.

Yes, it was good. So much better than my first attempt. But still not as good as Kam Kee Cafe's hah...hah.... I think they put secret ingredient lah. Maybe beef stock or whatever. Anyway, I was happy with my soup.

Thanks to eMadani, I was able to enjoy a spot of half roasted duck.

Yes, it has come to that, me shamelessly accepting government cash aid. 

I was served Kopi O instead of Kopi C but I didn't make any noise. Then Donald's sharp eye picked up the error and promptly replaced my drink.

Now that's what I call service! 

And oh my Lord! The roasted duck was superb! Well, I have RM54.50 left for another round of roast duck.

Well, I hope the day will come when I can spend like this again without even having to think. Just like in the good old days.

And now a little something to cheer up the cat lovers. This type of photo makes me go bonkers. So cute !!!!


  1. That's great service and Donald would be reading your post about himself. It's time for me to visit and try their Wan Tan Mee using my eMADANI too. I didn't bother to apply as I thought I would be rejected too but my insurance comrade insisted. I got accepted so fast and I was over the moon like kena lottery!!

    You must be recovering very well to be able to clear your jungle. I often stared at the weeds and wonder how they could grow so fast on their own without watering and care. This is really nature's survival which I am embarking too.

    When my kitchen and mood is ready, I will start cooking Borscht Soup too. Maybe I should go to Kam Lee's kitchen to spy at their secret ingredients from their trash bins. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. LOL! I went there again today to enjoy what was left in my eMadani.

      I am feeling like normal now, 95% recovered. OK, when you manage to korek Kam Kee's secret, you must share with me. LOL!

  2. You got that eMADANI thing? Lucky you! Can go and eat all the duck that you want. I did not bother to try and apply - I am very kia si (afraid to die) - they will ask me for this and that details and later they will come and kacau-kacau. Better just keep quiet, let them think I'm already dead, let me rest in peace.

    1. LOL! You are funny! No, no questions asked. It is either application accepted or rejected.

  3. Ah, good that you got your emadani. Zero income so not qualified. I would love to eat your minced beef omelette. Must be so tasty.

    1. My partner told me " you pay income tax every year, so you must claim back some" LOL!

  4. I got my eMadani also and the kiasu-ness in me even set the alarm for it, haha! I remember I read a recipe for HK style Borscht, beef bones and beef are used for the stock. You can try to cut off the both ends of the cucumber and rub them in a circular motion, this can remove cucurbitacins, which give the fruit its bitter taste.

    1. LOL! At least as taxpayers, we get to have something back though RM100.00 doesn't get us very far. Beef bones quite troublesome lah. maybe next time I add beef stock. OK, thanks for the cucumber tip!

  5. HK-style borscht soup and minced meat omelette is also one of my go-to foods if I want to make something fuss-free. I've never added sugar into my borscht soup (and it isn't like overly sour) coz there's already sugar in the tomato paste we use (must be due to different type/brand of tomato paste, I guess).

    1. Oh, the tomato paste that I use (Duchef) is not sweet. The soup was sour (maybe should cut down the tomato paste) and I had no choice but to add some sugar.