Sunday 3 December 2023

Guess Who Kena Covid?

Three days after visiting my dad at the hospital (where he was tested positive for Covid later that evening) I developed flu symptoms.

I diligently tested myself everyday after the visit and the test results were negative.

Day #0
I had a feeling of tiredness, the way I would usually feel before I got sick. I also developed itchy throat and dry cough.

When walking from DU to DJ to see mum, I felt tired, I don't usually feel that way.  When I got back to DU, I went for lunch at Rollti.

Although I was hungry and asked for extra sambal for my Chicken Sambal Meletop, the roti canai wrap did not bring me joy. 

In spite of being low energy, I still went for my mall walk but was unable to do my usual rounds. So I went back to the office.

That evening, I made myself a minced beef omelette and heated up a container of Borscht Soup. I was very tired by then. 
After taking my shower, I was freezing cold.

Day #1
The next morning I woke up feeling horrible. And I mean really horrible.

I had no energy. I was so severely fatigued that it took a lot of effort the get up from bed. The night before (where I felt ice cold) I got up many times to pee. Gosh, I peed a lot!

I went downstairs and took a test.

Adoi. Finally I got Covid. Tsk!

Well, what to do, just accept and move on. I had coffee and then went upstairs to lie down. This day was the worst because I was so low on energy and so demotivated that I didn't even brush my teeth or take a shower.

Later in the morning, I made myself a minced beef omelette and then air fried two marinated chicken chops. I was so tired that I didn't even have the energy to wash the dishes.

I went back to bed again, hoping to sleep but my brain just wouldn't shut down. Although I had no appetite, I still came downstairs to eat lunch. I could not even finish one chicken leg. So kept the remainder for dinner. 

I was also feeling lightheaded which I attributed to losing electrolytes. So I took the remaining sachet of LMNT that I had in my drawer.

In the afternoon I was craving for Milo so I had one sachet with added milk. I could not even watch TV because my head wasn't feeling right. I practically spent the whole day in bed.

That night, I could not sleep properly. My brain just refused to shut down. And my stomach felt very weird. It was truly a miserable day for me.

Day #2
I woke up with joint and back pain. I was still feeling very tired but there was a slight improvement from the day before. I took a shower and went downstairs to make myself a cup of Milo. I usually take coffee but somehow Milo was what I wanted.

I arranged for some medications to be delivered - Panadol, cough mixture and lozenges. For food, I could not face an all meat diet and I had to eat something else.

Although I had no appetite, I knew I had to eat. Without proper nutrition, I will not recover.


Wantan mee with roasted duck from Twins Signature Roast Duck. My first time eating their wantan mee and yes, it was good.

Then I took the meds, went upstairs and managed to get a few hours of sleep which did me a lot of good. Although I felt better, I was still severely fatigued.

Dinner was Borscht Soup. Shortly after, I developed a very bad sore throat. My throat felt raw and swallowing was painful. Coughing made it worse. The lozenges helped to soothe my throat.

Before bed, I took my meds. Later in the night I had very itchy throat and coughed like mad. So I took another dose of cough mixture. 

Day #3
I woke up early and when I sat up, I saw "stars". So I did not stand up immediately. When I felt better, I went downstairs and made myself a warm cup of Milo. 

I still had back pain and did a cold compress. After that I took a shower and felt better. My throat was still sore. Later I made myself a mug of Kopi C.

For lunch I had Mat Rock Ayam Goreng Kunyit. Yes, I needed to eat something exciting to stimulate my tastebuds.

I know that fried foods are not good for sore throat but I don't care. I enjoyed my meal but not as much as I would have had I been well.

Past 1:00pm my throat seemed to have improved. Not so raw and painful anymore. Then I decided I wanted some kefir and yogurt and I placed an order via myAEON2go app for next day delivery.

For dinner I had a lousy chicken burger. Then it was off to bed early after taking my meds.

Day #4
Last night was my first good night's sleep and I felt clear headed when I opened my eyes. But upon sitting up, I realized I still don't feel normal.

I went downstairs and did a test.

Negative! Well, that was something to be happy about but I was still unwell. Today was the best I ever felt compared to the past three days. The sore throat was almost gone. My energy level was almost back to normal (though my head still felt foggy).

I had coffee with milk and then for some reason I cannot understand, I felt light headed and experienced elevated heartbeat. Later I made myself a Milo and added some salt to my drink. I felt better after that.

Then something else happened to me. I lost my sense of smell.

My orders from myAEON2go arrived earlier than scheduled. Which is good. Better earlier than late.

I also bought a tub of ice cream since they were having promotion and I needed to make up the numbers to qualify for free delivery. 

Lunch was nasi kerabu from Azlin's Kitchen. Unfortunately, because I lost my sense of smell, I could only taste salty and sweet. The aroma of the herbs and spices were lost upon me. Bah!

Then I did some light tidying up and watched TV.

Dinner was Borscht Soup which was tasteless. I mean, I could taste salty and tart and not much else. Haiz!

I slept early again after taking my meds. Strangely, I couldn't sleep, I tossed and turned for most of the night. I got up later with a terribly itchy throat. So I took another dose of cough mixture. 

Day #5
After taking another dose of cough mixture last night, I got knocked out until 8:30am this morning. I don't usually wake up so late. But it was good since I managed to sleep after all.

My sense of smell had not returned and I couldn't smell a thing while clearing the litter boxes outside hah..hah...

I had Borscht Soup for lunch but could not finish the whole container. So I set it aside.

I managed to do my laundry and relaxed a bit in the afternoon watching TV.

Dinner was Teriyaki Chicken Grain Bowl from La Juceiria Superfoods. After using some offers, I managed to get this for below RM20. Although I couldn't smell the food, I still managed to enjoy my dinner.

I did not take any meds before bed but was forced to take the cough mixture due to coughing late at night.

Day #6
That's today! I still have no sense of smell. I couldn't smell my coffee. But I still drank it. I am still coughing on and off, no more sore throat but my head still doesn't feel right. I may take another day or two off work and make sure that I fully recover before I get back to regular activities.

Lunch - my second last piece of ribeye and an omelette. I hope to feel like my normal self soon!

Hope you all had a good weekend. I sure did not :(


  1. Gosh!!! Dah jatuh ditimpa tangga! What rotten luck, coming down with COVID at a time when you are up to your neck with all the problems and what not. I hope you are 100% o.k. now. Take care there.

    1. I am on the road to recovery, thank you. But still not feeling tip top.

  2. Thank you for writing such a detailed post on the effects of getting cvd. Please continue to keep your diary to know when you get back your sense of taste. Did your brother get cvd too? Please take good care and continue to keep eating food although you have no sense of taste.

    1. I got my sense of smell back yesterday and at least now I can taste my food.

  3. Oh dear, hope you feel better today~ My hubby just kena Covid 3 weeks ago and he was fatigue and lost appetite on the first 2days but felt better after that.

    1. Glad to hear your hubby has recovered. I am still not feeling too good, but hope to make a full recovery soon.

  4. Goodness. The sufferings and symptoms of Covid is so similar to cancer patients.
    I am glad you are recovering now.

    1. Thanks, I am recovering slowly, slowly. I never thought that the effect is so lasting. I still feel blueks >.<

  5. What a coincidence! I just wrote about my second covid too in my blog just now... after that, I came over and saw yours... eh, why covid post too!! hahahaa.... I got it end of last month.... after five days, I am ok... try eating some cordyceps to strengthen lungs...

    1. I read your post this morning! Glad to know that you are OK now.

  6. Oh dear, hope you all better now. On the lighter side of it all, there's this joke going around if one is still a covid At least you're not...wahahahaha! :D Everyone I know have practically gotten it once, some even twice. It's no longer as scary now to catch covid. For someone who has covid, you can still Take care.

    1. I am still recovering from the effects, thanks. If you haven't got it yet, stay safe and don't get it, It is very unpleasant. We still need to mask up and take necessary precautions. I was as careful as careful can be but the exposure at the hospital eventually got me. Oh, yes, nothing gets between me and my food. LOL!