Monday 27 November 2023

Happy Sunday

Last Friday when I visited dad at the ICU, he had caught a cold. He had runny nose, sore throat and a slight cough.

The nurse came in shortly to give him his medication and after staying for about 25 minutes, I left. I told dad to rest and to sleep as much as he can so that he can recover.

Then that evening, we got news from my brother (YB #1, he was at the hospital) that dad had Covid. Oh dear dear. I had visited mum earlier that day (after the hospital) and informed YB #2 to do a Covid test on mum. He did so (including himself) the following morning (and so did I) and we all tested negative. As of today, still negative, phew!

So there will be no visitation (dad is in a normal ward now) until dad is free of Covid. Saturday, I visited mum as usual and brought food for her. After our chit chat I left for lunch.

I went to the kway chap place in Damansara Uptown and ordered just the meat side dishes.

Pork head, pork ears and pork belly (pork belly not in the photo, can see it here). I was served a complimentary fried dumpling that was rather delicious.

After that I went to The Starling to claim my complimentary wrap from Rollti. I chose the Chicken Sate Puas.

The roti canai wrap was warm and crispy. Pure comfort food.

Inside were shredded cabbage, sliced cucumbers, sliced onions, grilled chicken (breast) and sate sauce topped with crushed peanuts.

This is my second time eating the Chicken Sate Puas and I am very puas (satisfied) with the wrap because the sate sauce is legit and very good. However I tak puas because there was not enough sauce. 

After my (free) second lunch (hah...hah....) I went for my mall walk. It is good to walk after eating carbs.

I passed by Fish with You and that day they received loads of congratulatory flower stands.

They are doing brisk business with many people coming to savor their China specialty fish soup with preserved vegetables.

I am becoming curious about their fish soup. It is ketovore friendly since carbs (rice/noodles) are an optional item. Don't know lah, maybe one fine day I might be brave enough to come eat the spicy fish soup. 

But prices here are way above my paksa rela imposed budget, so I might not come anytime soon. Let other people try first and let me know whether it is worth it or not.

When I went home that evening, this was my dinner. Minced beef omelette. Then I went to bed early because I was not feeling well (I thought I kena Covid but tested negative the next morning).

Sunday morning I went to Aeon as usual with my partner. When I got home, I proceeded with my project - Borscht Soup!

Using beef trimmings as the protein.

It's a simple soup, really. Just brown the beef, saute the vegetables and chuck everything (including tomato puree) into a pot and pour in some chicken stock (or water), season and simmer away.

This is where my Magic Cooker came in handy.

End result, 6 containers of soup. I did not eat the soup immediately but prefer to store in the fridge first for flavors to develop. According to Daddy Lau of Made with Lau, restaurants serve this soup two days after cooking.

For lunch, I had the last piece of sirloin steak in my freezer. 

Gosh! It was so good! So precious! I savored every bite. LOL!

I also finished up a two week old beef soup. Usually I keep soups max only one week. But these days, I cannot afford to waste anything. 

So I steamed up this soup and it still tasted very good. Hope don't lau sai (well, this morning all was well hee..hee...).

Last night's dinner was air fried beef trimmings.

This batch had some tough pieces in there and provided me with a good jaw workout hah..hah...


  1. Phewwwww!!! Thank goodness all of you did not get that dreaded COVID! How did your dad get it? Wasn't he in the ICU, isolated from others?

    Two weeks old, your soup! Good grief! I always get rather annoyed with my missus because she would save everything, even when there is only a bit left over...and conveniently forget about it. One fine day, it may sneak out, get heated up and appear on our dinner table.... So long already! I keep telling her, save by all means, heat up and eat the very next day. Don't want to eat anymore, just throw away!

    1. He could have gotten it from the nurses/doctors/workers who come in and out of the room.

  2. Gosh!! Hope everyone is free from Covid. Your poor dad, hope he recover well from Covid.

    I had roti canai yesterday; sure a change from my usual breakfast. Lol. I would love to try this rollti if they have outlet here. Who know, maybe they will have one here.

  3. Your dad must have contracted Covid from the doctors/nurses at the hospital...looks like it's easier to contract Covid there. At least he has the best care there. Just be diligent in washing/sanitising your hands after your visits to the hospital to stay safe.
    How many rollti have you eaten to get a complimentary rollti already?...hah..hah.
    Oh, you should try this suan cai fish soup...very good lah for those of us who like tangy tastes.
    Ooo, I love borscht soup. Didn't know restaurants serve it after only 2 I usually freeze mine and it can be in there longer than 2 weeks, even a month before I get at it.

    1. There's a zoo of bacteria and virus at the hospital and nobody is safe! Ah, I gave Rollti some feedback via email and they decided to belanja me LOL!

  4. Oh ya, covid is still around. That day I should have bought a roti canai wrap for takeaway but I was already full. Hopefully I can try it one day because it sounded tasty from your review and less sate sauce for me is perfectly fine.

    1. Hope you get to taste Rollti on day. Best to eat onsite because it might get soggy after tapau.

  5. I hubby also had Covid during middle of this month (his first time kena) and Sam had Covid again in the same time with hubby for the second time. >_<

    1. Alamak can get second time! That is scary.

  6. I love Borscht Soup as it is very appetising. I made them few times but had no idea that I need to drink them 2 days later. Anyway it could not last even 2 hours! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    I always felt that hospitals have the most sick people gathered together under one roof. So it would definitely have all kinds of bacteria floating around the wards.

    1. LOL! No need to keep for two days lah, it's still good fresh after cooking. Hospital is like a zoo of germs.

  7. Hope your dad recovers soon! i like Borscht soup, and the homemade one is the best! can put in lotsa ingredients!