Tuesday 7 November 2023

Annie 1 Still The One?

All right. I know you all like to read about my carbohydrate exploits hah..hah..hah...

Thanks to my friend, I ate curry mee.

Ya, this kind of friend is the best lah.

To me this is the only place in Damansara Uptown where the curry mee is second to none. 

Annie 1 used to be my favorite hangout due to the cosy atmosphere (during off peak hours).

I am sure it still is (if only I can sit there and eat only meat), just that I don't go so often anymore due to my dietary change.

I actually like QR code ordering. Many restaurants are adopting this method and we have to adapt with the times. At Annie 1, you still have a choice to order manually using the order chit. 

The advantages of QR ordering :

1. No need to wait for the server to come get your order.
2. No need to tell long story what you want and how you want. Just choose options and add remarks where necessary.
3. Avoid mistakes/misunderstanding especially if the server is not conversant in English.

Of course there are disadvantages. If you go in a group, it might be a hassle with one person using his/her phone having to do the ordering for everyone in the party. But if you are going Dutch, then very convenient. Each person scans and places their individual order. No need to bersusah-payah to split the bill.

The Ipoh White Coffee strangely had a chocolaty taste. 

Is that not lovely?

My tastebuds have been ruined changed so it was not ecstatic like it used to be. But still, fulfilling a craving is a form of satisfaction even if it did not bring about the thrill that you expected.

A few days later I returned for the Pork Noodles
I had the Kopi C Ice (Kosong) which unfortunately did not make an impression.

I forgot that they provide sliced cili padi with light soy sauce. So I ended up with double chilies. Which I don't mind at all.

On my last visit, I had the Dry Wanton Mee with Char Siew and Dumpling (Sui Gao).

Again I had the Ipoh White Coffee. Again it had a chocolaty taste. I wonder if that was me or when they made the drink, there was cross contamination from Milo Ice.

So that was my visit to Annie 1 for lunch over three (non-consecutive) days. And I can confidently say that I most likely won't return, simply due to the change in my taste preference. Annie 1 is still enjoying very good business and many people love the food and beverages that they serve.


  1. All three look really good! Oooo...the char siu looks gorgeous!!! I wish we had people who can make such nice ones here.

  2. I see the huge portion of noodles and I shudder. Nowadays it is a laborious task for me to eat a plate of noodles. Many eateries serve coffee with a chocolatey taste. Not sure whether or not they add coco powder to the coffee.

    1. hah..hah...can always request for less noodles. Me too, I get bloated when I eat too much carbs.

  3. Did you ask the staff in the chocolate taste in your coffee?? I don't think it should be like that. I don't mind QR code scanning for ordering. Few shops doing here, mostly the upscale type. Other places, still more convenient to order through the staff.

  4. I never had other food except the dry Wonton Mee at Annie 1 because it was so good that I can't resist to order it every time I was there. Their curry looked good lah, but the Wonton Mee like a bit overcooked - soggy, maybe I should pay a revisit one of these days.

    1. The wanton mee was actually ok. It looked so pale in the photo because that was before I tossed it. I am sure it is still good and that you would enjoy it on your next visit.

  5. So Annie 1 is no longer the '1' for you....lol. Your carnivore way of eating has certainly changed taste preference (and tastebuds too) until even something like Annie 1 that you used to enjoy so much now no longer has the same effect on you.

    Ya, the QR method of ordering is the way forward for many food establishments as they can reduce manpower needed or even arguing with the customers that that was what they ordered (verbally). We can make mistakes verbally (I even made it while writing the chit order). Places that have QR order will also usually take your order verbally if can't order that way (no phone data) or you're an oldie who don't understand how to use, no need to go mental about it.

    1. LOL! Good or bad, the change in tastebuds, I don't know. Maybe it is for the better since I love my carbs way too much!