Tuesday 21 November 2023

Smoky Air Fried Chicken

Eh, chicken again kah? Heh...heh... This is another marinade that I use very frequently that came about when I noted (while reorganizing my fridge) that I had not one, but two bottles of smoked paprika.

Adoi! What a waste of money to buy something that I already had in the fridge/pantry. I do that all the time, I must improve my stock control system. So I decided to make use of the smoked paprika.

This marinade uses garlic salt, garlic powder, onion powder and smoked paprika. Yes, garlic powder even though I used garlic salt because I like this smoky and garlicky.

Same like my previous recipe I mix all the seasonings with cooking oil to make a loose paste.

Then I simply place two chicken chops into a freezer bag and pour the marinade into the bag and then squish...squish...squish... to coat the chicken legs with the garlicky smoky marinade.

Then off they go into the fridge to marinate overnight for better permeation of flavors.

The next day I take the chicken legs out to stand to room temperature for one hour. I cook the chicken chops in the air fryer at 200C for 15 minutes (10 minutes skin side down and another 5 minutes skin side up).

They turn out perfect every time. You can also add some chili powder for some heat (because smoked paprika is not hot at all despite the bright red color) or even pepper.

Sometimes I even marinate the chicken for 48 hours. These air fried marinated deboned chicken legs are so easy and quick to prepare. I love the simplicity of preparation and how delicious, juicy and succulent these chicken legs are.

Smokey Air Fried Chicken
Recipe source : PH

Ingredients :
- Two deboned chicken legs (I use Aqina Pineapple Chicken Chops)

For the marinade :
- Two tablespoons cooking oil
- Two teaspoons smoked paprika
- One teaspoon garlic salt
- One teaspoon onion pwder 
- One teaspoon garlic powder

Method :
1. Place the two chicken legs into a freezer bag.
2. To make the marinade, simply mix all the marinade ingredients together to create a loose paste.
3. Pour the marinade into the freezer bag and using your hands, squish the bag to spread the marinade to coat the chicken legs evenly.
4. Place the marinated chicken legs to marinate overnight in the fridge.
5. Before cooking, take the chicken legs out to come to room temperature. I leave it to stand for one hour.
6. Preheat air fryer to 200C
7. Place chicken legs (skin side down) on a piece of baking paper and air fry for 10 minutes and flip (skin side up) and air fry for another 5 minutes.


  1. Dunno why my missus is not using her air fryer anymore, maybe sometimes just for heating up food. She has gone back to cooking her chicken wings in the conventional oven.

    1. Maybe she finds that the air fryer space is too small? For bigger quantities of food, I use my conventional oven.

  2. Ah, our trusted brand of spices. Hmmm, I must try this way of marination. I usually just sprinkle those spices direct from the bottle onto the chicken, so sometimes it doesn't get evenly distributed. 5 tsps of spices (for me) seem like a lot for two chicken chops but, then again, I don't know what amount I use since I sprinkle them direct. I must be brave to try once to see if the flavour is too salty for me. ^_~

    1. It won't be too salty because the garlic salt is just one teaspoon. Or you could reduce to taste.

  3. Thank you for all your recipe. I show all your recipes to my spouse and ask him wanna buy air fryer or not. He says not cooking at the moment because now running all around for two elderlies so just eat out for this period. Will bookmark all your recipes for air fryer.

    1. You are welcome! Yeah your hubby won't have time to cook seeing that he is very busy with his parents. I can totally relate!

  4. 😂😂 Goodness!! Restaurants also don't marinate their chickens for 48 hours like you. Now I could see the logic why pickled vegetables tasted better when left to ferment over longer period to penetrate thoroughly. Suddenly I suspect that all restaurants in South Korea serve the best yummy fried chickens, must be the 48 hours trick. I will try 72 hours.

    1. 72 hours lagi best! But don't go beyond that. Nanti lau sai :D

  5. I never used paprika for my cooking but since it's not spicy according to you, I'll buy a bottle to try out. How you keep your spice bottles? Mine always clumping up and harden ~>_<~

    1. The secret is to keep the spice bottles in the fridge. That will prevent clumping.