Saturday 18 November 2023

Roti Canai Wraps @ Rollti, The Starling

Today being Saturday, my partner offered to drive me to the hospital and then drop me off to see mum.

Every morning I wake up with a heavy heart thinking of dad. It is heart breaking to think that just a few short months ago (March/April 2023) dad was well, able to walk and could accompany us when my partner and I took mum to the same hospital for her follows ups (on her broken wrist).

At the end of April 2023, he started bleeding profusely and from then on things just went downhill. He is still at the ICU and when I visited this morning he was fast asleep. Like yesterday, I was required to put on a protective garment and gloves.

I called out to him softly and since he continued sleeping, it was best that I not disturb him. I stayed for about 10 minutes before leaving quietly.

My partner came around to pick me up and then dropped me off to spend some time with mum. After mum's lunch arrived via Grabfood, I made my way to The Starling.

A new eatery opened at the basement very recently and I was curious what Rollti was all about. 

This was their banner when renovations works were ongoing.

From the pictures on the menu, these are apparently some sort of wraps.

Being curious, I decided to give their Chill La Grill La (Beef, RM12.00) a try. I must say that the names are very catchy.

In addition to the savory wraps, they also have sweet dessert type fillings. Sorry the photo is not clear. For drinks, I opted for Kopi C without sugar (RM3.00).

This is the small seating area if you want to dine-in. I took this photo after I was done.

The iced Kopi C unfortunately was very diluted.

So I was very disappointed :( At RM3.00 I guess I can't expect much. Besides this is not the place to have coffee.

Now on to the main item. The Rollti comes in this bright yellow sleeve.

Beef Chill La Grill La. It is quite the tongue twister. I had a hard time saying it properly.

Inside is the warm Rollti.

Ah ..... it is like roti canai. A roti canai that is used as a wrap. Our Malaysian style burrito if you will.

Biting into the warm crispy Rollti, nice, very nice.

The beef filling is curry based, imagine curry puff filling and you will get the idea. Inside were also julienned purple cabbage and sweet corn.

I rather enjoyed this roti canai wrap and though I would not say that it is spectacular, it makes for a tasty and filling meal. If you like burritos or wrap sandwiches, you will enjoy Rollti

There is a bin provided for self-clean up though there are no signs to indicate that customers ought to pick up after themselves.

So the uninitiated (a family who were there before I took my seat) left their wrappers on the table.

I do wish that people would be more civic conscious.

I wouldn't mind coming back should I want a quick meal.


  1. I passed this outlet many times but didn't stop because I was afraid it could be a disaster like Jay Chou's wrap. His was also like Roti Chanai versions. I think I will go over to Rollti tonight to get a bite!

    It is a sad thing that you are going through a tough period worrying for your dad. It made me wonder as he started bleeding since April and has be unwell till now. I had my surgery exactly 2 years ago, with so much bleeding in between and still struggling with recovery . What a life.

    1. LOL! Jay Chou's disastrous wraps! I tried that once and that was it. Fear not, Rollti is way better and I love it.

      Yes, it is sad and you have been through a lot. All we can do is pray and do what we can to make things a little better. Dad is still in ICU but in much better condition.

  2. Malaysian styled burrito. Yes, a nice place for a quick bite. We also can make that at home. Sometime I heat up the frozen roti canai or paratha for my kids, I added fried egg on top and let them eat. Never thought of rolling it. That give me a new idea. Lol.

    1. I am thinking of trying it at home too LOL!

  3. I will like this rollti with beef so I may buy that to try. Yes best to just let your father sleep and rest. Your brother is working on a Saturday? Since you didn't mention him.

  4. That's a great idea, using roti canai as a wrap. I know people using it as the base for their homemade pizza.

    1. Oh, I never thought of using it as pizza base. That must be very nice too!

  5. Ah, now I see why it's called rollti...a rolled up roti (canai)...fill it up and can charge 5x a traditional roti...hehehe. I don't like burritos or wraps but think I might enjoy this "local" burrito. It'd be at least better than Jay Chou's! :D

    1. It is definitely better than Jay Chou's wrap and I reckon would win your seal of approval hah..hah..

  6. Ar... Roti Canai wrap, which offers similar food with the long established China brand Liang Crispy Roll.

    1. It is lots better than the Liang crispy roll with much better fillings too.