Wednesday 22 November 2023

Fish With You

This new eatery, Fish With You @ The Starling opened very recently.

I passed by on Monday (while in the thick of my mall walking session) and saw this.

You can't miss it, the bright orange color.

They are just next door to Teo Chew Lor.

The menu screams chilies! Hot chilies!

So I stopped at the menu display outside.

"The Most Wanted Suancai & Fish in China". Other people were curious too.

Every now and then there will be groups of people, uncles and aunties crowding around to take a peek.

So I waited patiently for my turn to berkepoh-kepoh.

I wonder if that is the whole repertoire of dishes served.

I am sorry I can't make this any bigger. If you look closely (enlarge the photo) you will see that the fish is described as "dory" and you can top up to get "toman" fish. At those prices I would not want to be eating dory. The dishes come in regular or large portion.

They also serve pork dishes. 

And then there are the snacky side dishes and beverages.

The next day I passed by and it was even more crowded.

I don't know if I would drop by to try the food. China food is not quite to my taste.

I'll just wait and see what other people say in the reviews.

Then I continued with my walk and I spotted this (next door to Kakatoo).

Ah! Banana leaf restaurant! That's more my thing.

Can't wait!


  1. Fish? I see all the pork in the menu. Just when I thought this would be a good place for my no-meat Friday.

    1. You must have missed my photo of the fish menu, 10th photo from the top.

  2. Finally the Fish opened its doors. The mainlanders cook and fry everything differently but there are locals who love to eat their mala dishes very much. I will drop by to take a look first. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    1. I let you try first and then you report back to me. LOL!

  3. I have seen similar eateries sprouting up everywhere but I don't plan to try any at all as I can't eat spicy food. I will wait for your review if you ever eat there one day.

  4. I'm quite into China style Suan Cai (pickled veggie) dishes as I'm a fan of Suan Cai and I found the taste to be very appetizing.

    1. Then you would most likely enjoy the food here.

  5. China food is not quite my taste too (especially is they're mala style). The aunties and uncles (aka the elderly) like China food more (or anything from China) coz it's more flavourful, I think (that's why they berkepoh-kepoh there). Looking at the menu, I think I recently had something similar to with pickled vegetables (suan cai?) and it was very good though the one here seem to have more chillies/spiciness. I think suan cai is what we call ham choy here (the one we make salted vegetable soup with) if I'm no wrong.

    You sure you want to visit this BLR? That means you'll have to load up on lots of rice/carbs...hehehe. I hear this Banana Bistro is quite good.

    1. Now you got me curious about fish with pickled vegetables (that must be suan chai based on Choi Yen's comment). But I am concerned about the chilies LOL! Well, I have been taking a break from being strictly carnivore. I still enjoy my carbs hah..hah..