Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Covid-19 MCO : Day #35 (Nasi Lemak)

On day #35 of the MCO, Tenaga Nasional (TNB) decides to commence maintenance work in my housing area. What? Duduk Rumah Diam Diam with no electricity? 

Why couldn't they wait until the MCO is over? To be fair, the residents were informed yesterday by the residents' association, so we were prepared. Imagine baking a cake or blending rempah halfway and prap! no power! 

Fortunately for me, I did my laundry and vacuumed clean my house yesterday. Early this morning I made sure to distill another batch of water. 

We are so reliant on electricity without which there is no TV, no wifi, no computer, no laundry and for those of you who use the induction cooker, no cooking.

Yesterday, I already decided not to cook. So I ordered food from Mamalee via Grabfood.

The food arrived piping hot...

... with the plastic bag sealed.

Kampung Style Fried Rice (RM11.00) and Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah (RM10.00).

The Kampung Style Fried Rice smelled so good. 

I will keep this for dinner.

The Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah came with the chicken and sambal separately wrapped. There was a piece of banana leaf in between the rice and the plastic bag containing the ayam masak merah.

I transferred everything into a plate and found another piece of banana leaf underneath the rice. Nice.

It was divine. Most divine! The masak merah was so tasty and I loved the sambal until I forgot if the rice was lemak or not. So worth it for only RM10.00.

Haiz.... I have a permanent inspector general in the dining room. Whenever I am preparing to eat, she will immediately rush into the room.

This is her standard operating procedure.

Look at Mommy with cute face while whining softly.

Then meow loudly with fierce look.

The only way to convince her that the food is not suitable for her is to let her smell it.

All the chili and rempah-rempah should put her off.

So she retreats.

But she is a cat and she is still not convinced that there is nothing for her.

That look again.

So. I repeat the process.

She is relentless.

Come come try the chili.

Smells nice ah?

Better don't eat. Afterwards lau sai.

After a few attempts to taste the food (but dare not), she finally gives up.

And she lies beside my chair and gives me the eye.

I haven't had dinner yet and I'm already wondering what's for lunch tomorrow.

Me too! Meow!


  1. Oooo...the nasi lemak looks good. Hmmm...your girl not into Malay cuisine, eh? Try Italian or Korean! LOL!!!

    1. LOL! She can only eat plain chicken or fish.

  2. Ah, I remember Mama Lee. Good value for money food! Very tasty too. I wish I live near Uptown. Hahahaha, give Girl Girl taste the sambal, see how she likes it. There is a online famous cat who likes to eat pedas pedas chicken. Thanks for the photos. Can see her giving you the eye. lolx!

    1. Oh no! I dare not, she might suffer hah..hah... It's time your Boi2 made an appearance on your blog!

    2. Mun: we want to see Boi2.....pictures pleaseeeee!!!

  3. Hi LL..... still remember me or sudah lupa? hihi....
    TNB tak sabar nak kerjalah LL, sudah boring tau stay at home hahaha....Meow tak makan pedas ke? I rasa kucing I tak de pantang je, semua pun dia makan...kari ke sambal ke...

    1. Hi Hainom! Sure lah ingat, LL belum nyanyok lagi hah..hah.. Oh kucing pun boleh makan pedas? Tapi LL tak berani bagi Ah Girl makan pedas.

  4. Both nasi lemak and fried rice look very very good. I think your kitty really want to try but afraid it might be too hot for her.

    1. I also dare not let her eat, in case she gets sick.

  5. I would have expected the food delivery to come packed in nicer plastic boxes. Those shown are what we get when we tapau from the hawker stalls...wahahahahaha! :D Something similar like that kampong fried rice from a mamak would probably cost me RM5 - RM6 and RM7 - RM8 for the nasi lemak with ayam. So, effectively, the meals you had would cost me half what it cost you if tapau sendiri-lah...hehehe! ;) But I can understand that you don't have a choice since you don't drive and can't go out to tapau yourself. Send your lahling out more often to tapau food for you. I have to say the prices for this food delivery is indeed worth it (comparing to some others). P/S: It was very nice of you to leave them a tip.

    I do that to Cookie too...shove the plate in his face so that he can smell the food, only then he'll be satisfied that the food is not suitable for him and leave me alone.

    1. Some restaurants have nice packaging, in paper boxes. Of course lah, go to tapau at mamak would be much cheaper but very susah for me. Mamalee is value for money. I give them tips in appreciation of their service and if the boys are friendly, I tip higher amount.

      It looks like I will have to let my Girl smell the food too every time she disturbs me!

  6. Today is the first time I ever drove past Mama Lee twice! Unbelievable! We have fate la! I went to buy Chap Fun Rice (next to RT Pastry) for lunch and Hokkien Mee with Fried Chicken for dinner. My sous chef was busy all day.

    Your Nasi Lemak Ayam Masak Merah for Ten Ringgit is super worth it! The portion is banyak, besar dan sedap giler sampai kucing tak larat makan pula. Wakakakak

    Your cat Ah Girl has got this super droopy eyes when turns on the manja mode! Reminds me of the Shrek's cat called Puss in Boots! Not all cats have this manja eyes. I observed all your Ah Girl's photos and confirmed! Poor Mama has no peace.

    1. The chap fan next to RT Pastry is very cheap. I believe you will like the food at Mamalee.

      Yes, her eyes are very expressive. Sometimes got the manja marah kind of look.

  7. ur plate of nasi lemak is so so so tempting!!!

  8. I will go bersek without electricity at home. The nasi lemak with the sambal looks good. Oh they even factor in the tip in the receipt. So generous and nice of you to tip the rider. Cat also got SOP lolx.

    1. Luckily the electricity cut was only about 1 hour. Or else it would be torture!

  9. OK, I need to have Nasi Lemak tomorrow!