Wednesday 6 March 2019

Flowers From Hobbit Land : Part 2

This is the remainder of the photos that my auntie shared with me. They are so lovely that I simply have to share them with you.

A purple rose. I don't think I have ever seen one before.

This white one with pink edges is so sweet and pretty.

An assortment of colors. So many flower buds too.

I like this color. What is it? Apricot?

Deep red clusters. Very outstanding.

Pretty in pink.

I like the wooden fence. I wish I could find wood like that to make as photography board.

I love white roses too.

This light purple color is lovely.

I love this shade of pink.

Look at the size of it! 

These tiny ones are so cute!

More of the same as #2. This may be my favorite.

These are also lovely. I must look for flowers that are easy to look after like Cosmos or Marigold for my garden. 




Auuuwww.......this one is beyond words!

Another big one.


Oh I love the color!

My auntie's roses cheer me up!


  1. The colours of the roses are so sweet and romantic and they are so beautiful that I can smell their lovely sweet fragrant just by looking at their photos. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Wow! All the flowers are gorgeous and pretty in full blooms! I had to stop and admire all the flowers I saw in England recently. They were too colourful and nice. I heard that it is so easy to grow flowers and vegetables in those 4-season countries. How I wish we have cooler climate here....

    1. Oh yes, in cooler climates the flowers are amazing!

  3. Roses are gorgeous and some of them smell so nice. I gave up trying to grow roses in my garden.

    1. Me too. It's a losing battle trying to grow roses here.

  4. So beautiful! I'm not into flowers though - will only plant those I can eat or use in my cooking.

  5. These roses are so lovely, thanks for sharing the photos so i have a chance to admire them. #20 would be my favourite.

  6. Flowery post! Your auntie really have passion in gardening... my house does not have one single flower, only artificial ones! :)

    1. LOL! The climate in NZ is super suitable for roses.

  7. your aunt is a pro in gardening, the flowers are so pretty and colorful!

  8. Desserts and flowers are my two favourite subjects for photography.

  9. Suka tengok semua bunga tu PH! Cantik2 belaka...boleh jadi terapi minda.

    1. Betul tu, Amie. Terasa gembira dan tenang bila tengok bunga2.

  10. Nice nice nice~~~ Love all those flowers!
    Please tell me if you manage to get that wood as I would like to have one as my photography prop too :P