Thursday 25 May 2023

Lunches With Mum

My dad was discharged from the hospital on Tuesday. Although we are relieved (and dad too, he said staying at the hospital is so boring) we know that the challenges are far from over.

Today I am blogging about the lunches that I had with mum during/after our hospital visits exactly two weeks ago.

This was two Thursdays ago. I was on my way to the hospital when mum texted me that she was at the restaurant because she was very hungry. So I told her I would meet her there.

I had the sirloin steak. Unfortunately it was not very good. The oil used to cook the steak was not fresh. 

The next day (Friday), mum and I went to the hospital together in the morning. Late morning we took Grabcar back to my brother's house. That's when I ordered food from Rice Bowl Tei Hanabi (1 Utama) via Grabfood.

I got the Special Beef BBQ Rice Bowl (Regular) for mum. 

It came with a soup (which was tasteless!), salad and watermelon.

Mine was a Signature Beef Steak Rice Bowl (Regular).

The steak was done medium rare. It was good but both our regular portions were quite small.

So I curi some cookies (which I baked for mum and dad) for dessert hee..hee..

Then I went back to the office. Later I had a spot of Nando's for dinner before I headed home. 

Then on Saturday after the hospital visit, I ordered Hokkaido Pork Don from Robataya Ramen & Donburi (1 Utama) for me and my mum. 

I added a serving of Salmon Belly Shioyaki which my mum did not have any.

This meal was loads better that the previous one. 

Mum was not feeling well and was feverish when we were at the hospital. I told her to rest and take a nap.

Back at the office, I went to The Red Kettle for coffee and Porkie Mantou for dinner before I called it a day.

The Porkie Mantou was a hit and miss. I loved the deep fried mantou. The pork is the same one that they use for the Porkie Eggie Benedict. And I wish that they did not load so much sauce on the pork.

And yikes, the plate was chipped.

The next morning (Sunday) I got a text message from my brother informing me that mum tested positive for Covid! So I quickly did a test and I was negative. Phew! 

I went to the hospital and informed the nurse that mum visited on Saturday and tested positive for Covid but since I tested negative, could I see my dad? Obviously I was not allowed to since we are now close contacts. So I left word for them to inform my dad and to tell him not to worry.

The following Monday I visited my dad and was informed that he tested negative. So for the next one week, everyday I tested myself before making my way to the hospital to keep dad company for a couple of hours.

Not to worry, mum has since recovered although she still feels tired. I think it will take a while before she regains normal health. Kudos to my brother who took good care of mum throughout her ordeal with Covid.

What an experience! Praise the Lord that all is well. Amen.


  1. Oh dear! Your mum came down with COVID. Not easy taking care of old folks - been there, done that. I pray that God will give you all strength to see you through all the trials and tribulations during these troubled times.
    Yes, all that you and you mum had did not look appealing - only what you had at Nando's caught my eye!

    1. Thank you for your prayer! Our second Grabfood order was much better than the first one.

  2. PTL that all is well at your side 🙏 please take good care! Your Nando dish looks like it has two whole chicken legs on it.

    1. Thank you :) How I wish I can get two chicken legs LOL!

  3. Oh no, the amount of the meat in your beef steak rice..... *rolling my eyes
    The side you had with your Nando's chicken was grilled veggies? They didn't look like at all without any charred marks. >_<

    1. Yah, I little >.< Nando's not consistent with their grilled veggies. Sometimes it is good with smokey taste and sometimes it is quite bland.

  4. I see you've had quite an eventful 2 weeks. Wah, your mom steady-lah, can go to the restaurant on her own. Oh dear, steak cooked with rancid oil, I can imagine the awful taste. Even when the food is not good, they've still got loyal customers like you and your

    Ah, of all your delivered lunches, the nicely charred pork bacon would be what I want.

    For your mom to have contracted Covid and you all not getting infected even when you're such close contacts is a close call indeed (especially your brother who has to take care of her...he must have really strong immunity). I know of many families when one gets Covid, the rest of the family gets it too...especially the caregiver. Glad to know that everything's alright now.

    1. I was quite worried about mum walking out on her own which was why I decided to accompany her everyday and then take her home and Grabfood instead. Yes, it was a very eventful 2 weeks and then some!

      I am really thankful that I did not contract Covid (in spite of hugging and kissing mum the day before the test) and as for my brother, he had Covid last year. I have heard of people getting it more than once. Mum is still recovering from the effects and I hope she attains normalcy soon.