Saturday 18 March 2023

I Was Naughty

Very naughty! hee..hee..hee... I saw someone eat Honey Toast and I also want. Tsk!

It is Saturday and earlier this morning I visited my parents. My partner was very sweet and offered to pick me up and drop me off at the office.

I did some work and at almost 3:00pm (24 hour fast) I felt that I had to eat. My favorite place was very busy and I thought why not I revisit Cafe LaFayette. Although I don't think the food is impressive, it was simply for convenience.

The place is pretty much the same and the customers were mostly young people having a good time with their friends.

After looking through the menu, I ordered the Grilled Chicken Chop (with mushroom sauce) and a Flat White. As for dessert, yes, very naughty of me, I wanted the Strawberry Honey Toast.

So I waited for my order while sneakily snapping photos.

The atmosphere here is quite cosy and that probably explains why people like to hang out here. I don't think the food is the real draw.

The coffee is good although not the best I have tasted in this area. One day I must revisit The Good Batch just for the coffee because their coffee (as far as I remember) is da bomb.

I did request for the mushroom sauce to be served separately but the kitchen did not fulfil my request. But all was forgiven because the chicken chop was very tender and juicy and the sauce was very tasty.

There was a drizzle of sesame dressing on the salad, no complaints. The mashed potato though had a very strange taste. It wasn't butter, something else that I can't quite identify. So I did not finish it. 

Halfway through my meal, the server came to inform me that the Strawberry Honey Toast was not available but Choco Banana Honey Toast was. I have had that one before so I asked for the Choco Banana Pancake instead. 

I thought the pancake looked cute.

It wasn't anything mind blowing and the vanilla ice cream was just ordinary. The only positive note was that this dessert was surprisingly not too sweet.

Outside the restaurant I spotted this pot of Hibiscus.

There were three pretty blooms. 

On my way back to the office, I passed through The Starling. My favorite place was less busy with lots of seats available and that was about 4:00pm. I guess I should hold out until later if I want a late lunch at The Red Kettle.


  1. Oops! Sorry for tempting you, hehehehe! 😆Good that the pancake dessert wasn't that sweet. How was your previous Choco banana honey toast at Cafe LaFayette? I think honey toast depends a lot on the quality of the fluffly thick toast with toasted crispy outer layer. If the toast is just like normal bread then it is the same as eating normal bread.

    1. LOL! I remembered enjoying the previous choco banana honey toast.

  2. Gosh!!! I can imagine how sweet that is, no, thank you. I'd rather save for something that is truly worth my falling into sin.

    1. It was not too sweet, just nice but nothing spectacular.

  3. You finished all by yourself?? Wow. I be full with chicken chop, don't think can take my dessert. Lol.

  4. Your honey toast definitely looked good and I can finish it all by myself, although it has been long time I never did like that. :(

    1. It is actually a pancake. Very small only.