Sunday, 25 September 2022

Things People Do At The Supermarket That Makes Me Want to Punch Them

Today, I am going to RANT. I know, I know. I did say that after changing my diet, I am calmer and less prone to outbursts. But alas. Carnivore does not cure everything.

I still react to morons. If you don't want any negativity, then please skip this post.

Every time I go to the supermarket, there will be someone who will set me off.

  1. The Vegetable Auditor
This is the person who wants to buy just one head of lettuce but proceeds to inspect every package of lettuce, in slow motion, totally oblivious of other shoppers who want to buy the same item, and who have to wait patiently for them to complete their audit.

I suggest to such persons who want to pick the 100% perfect head of lettuce, please be considerate. If you see other people hovering near you, give way. Let them select their lettuce and then you continue with your audit. Better still, if that person is also a vegetable auditor, then you will get a taste of your own medicine.

2. The Aisle Blocker
This one parks their trolley right at the center of the aisle and then proceeds to either :
- chit chat with their spouse/family members/hangers on/whoever;
- stares at the products on the shelves for the longest time;
- disappears somewhere; or
- simply stands there while waiting for their shopping companion to select an item.

Please lah. Move your trolley to the side so that other people can pass through. And please be more alert. Don't stand there and daydream.

3. The Hypnotized Shopper
This particular variety is an interesting species. This person hogs the produce aisle (be it meat or vegetable section), stands there and stares at the items, as if mesmerized, with no intention of buying anything.

Under the hypnotic trance induced by the chicken/beef/fish/veggies, this person blocks the section and is deaf/blind to the existence of other shoppers who actually want to buy said produce. Sometimes there are 3 or 4 of such person staring at the same aisle, therefore forming an impenetrable blockade.

My advise to you (maybe you are too hypnotized/stoned to take note) is to be alert and aware of other human beings around you.

 4. The Delinquent Parent(s)
This person (or persons) is blind to their children's antics. I had the displeasure of witnessing a child who took each packet of lettuce and then tossed the vegetable (violently) back into the display bin.

One by one, each packet of lettuce had to suffer his deplorable activity. Knowing how fragile leafy greens are, imagine the damage done to the produce and how other customers will be denied the chance of buying lettuce that are in proper condition.

All this time, the Mother of the Year, was herself selecting the lettuce and believe me, she was aware of what her offspring was doing. But no, the child was not corrected, not one bit.

For heaven's sake. Educate your child. I shudder to think what sort of person this child will become.

5. The One Who Changed Their Mind
Now, this one is very dangerous. They are a menace and can cause harm. Have you ever come across a carton of fresh milk or packet of meat - wait for it - abandoned at a location other than the chilled section? I once found a tub of yogurt at the coffee section.

Someone (presumably a responsible supermarket staff or a well meaning customer) would spot this and hopefully does NOT put the item back where is belongs. Why? We don't know how long that item had been left out and it could have gone bad. Woe is the person whose misfortune is to pick up such an item from the chiller.

I mean, seriously, if you changed your mind, please put back the item at the chiller where you picked them from. Don't just leave it lying around where it can go bad.

6. The One Who Thinks They/Their Grandpa Owns the Supermarket
I came across another one of these just very this morning. My partner wanted to buy a tub of ice-cream. So we headed to the ice cream section. So I hunted for the ice cream that we bought previously and found the item.

There was a woman there who was picking up two tubs of ice cream. So I stood a respectful distance away to wait for her to finish. Now, this fine specimen, who noticed me looking at the selection of ice cream and clearly waiting for her to clear off, took her own bloody sweet time to pack the tubs of ice cream into plastic bags.

I mean, why don't you move (there was plenty of space) and clear that area so that I can pick my ice cream. But no. She just stood there, taking so much time to complete a simple task. Frankly I felt like punching her in the face. When she finally left, my partner who was observing her, whispered to me "fascinating character" hah...hah...

7. The Payment Counter Hogger
Now this one, I encounter many, many times. This person, after putting away their purchase and making payment, will stand at the payment counter for an eternity. Instead of carting away their bags/trolley and making way for the next customer, this person will take their own sweet time to stare at their receipt or to put their receipt (in slow motion) into their purse/wallet.

Come on. If there is no customer behind you, you can lepak the whole day at the counter also never mind. But if there is another customer, please lah, move away some place else where you are not blocking anyone and take your time to fold your receipt nice nice before you put it into your purse/wallet.

There are a few sub-species of the counter hogger.

- the one who only starts digging into their handbag/wallet at the last minute to search for their loyalty card when asked by the cashier. Inevitably, their card somehow is lost in the Bermuda Triangle that is their handbag/wallet and everyone has to wait for them.

- the one who suddenly realizes that they forgot to pick up an item and expects everyone to wait in line for them while they scramble to find that missing item.

- the one who conveniently forgets to weigh their fresh produce and everyone has to wait for them to run to the weighing counter and back.

- the one who takes an eternity to pack their purchase into their shopping bags.

So there you have it. My pet peeves when going shopping. I am sure you have had your fair share of such encounters with fellow shoppers.


  1. There's just one small supermarket here with a lot of customers and I will encounter Shopper No. 2. I love it during the pandemic - I would just have to cough vigorously and that would send them scurrying away!

    1. LOL! These people really test our patience.

  2. Oh, I love a ranting that I can rant too! :D I have to say I've encountered all 7 of your pet peeves here....and yes, even though I'm not a carnivore, I'd like to punch some of them in the face too when confronted with such incidences/attitude (and may have a few extras I'd like to add on).

    1 - I admit I'm a vegetable auditor myself but not so far as to check through every packet, maybe 3 - 4 lah just to get one that's looking the freshest.
    2 - I do park my trolley too when I go to other aisles (and don't want to push my trolley there) but will always ensure it's at a place that does not block anyone.
    3 - Never understood why some people can be 'mesmerised' with raw/uncooked food....cooked food I can
    4 - Ah, this one I hate the most...when children misbehave (some adults too). You know the fried food section at Aeon where we choose what we want and then get it weighed, I've seen children taking the food to eat. I don't care that they want it for free but they use their bare unhygienic! And worst still, sometimes it's done in the presence of their parents...and some parents/adults partake in that too! >.<
    5 - I once found a packet of fresh prawns stuffed between some canned goods. These are what I called cheapskates who don't want people to know they're cheapskates (when they find out the prawns they selected and weighed are too expensive). Why can't the say they weren't expecting it to be so expensive and tell the supermarket staff they don't want it anymore...or at least empty it back into the pile of prawns!!
    6 - Yes, just like they think their parents own the street, some people take their bloody sweet time to choose what they want oblivious to those around them waiting for them to finish.
    7 - I've seen all your sub-species of counter hoggers and want to add in one that probably no-one has ever seen. I once encountered a person who wanted to get rid of all the coins in his possession (maybe it came from his house or his car) and used that to pay for his groceries. The poor check-out girl had to count (I think it was like RM15 or so in coins) while I waited (fumingly) next in line. >:(

    I guess some people have very little brain matter. >_<

    1. Ah! I see that we are (again) like minded and have had our fair share of these supermarket pests! I enjoyed reading your comment and yes, I have encountered one person who paid using coins at Jaya Grocer. Seriously she brought out a packet of coins and I was like OMG! I was in a good mood that day, so I wasn't triggered. LOL!

  3. In other words, unless you are serious shopper and no hanky panky, then you are welcome to shop! Lol.i feel you. The most annoying was the first one. They occupied the whole section and taking their time selecting vegetable or onion or garlic while you have to wait behind.

    1. LOL! Ya lah. I really cannot tahan such characters.

  4. these things really test our patience...sometimes go out shopping needs high EQ too...

    1. Very true! Or else will get high blood pressure every time when going grocery shopping >.<

  5. Hahahaha 🤣😂 I do hope you feel much better after writing this post. The main question is - is there something you can do if you encounter what you listed above?

    1. There is nothing I can do that is acceptable by the law. LOL!!

  6. This list should be posted at every major supermarket as "Behaviours not encouraged when shopping here".

  7. For people who frequented supermarkets, there're sure chances to meet stupxx patrons like above. >_< I cannot say I didn't do any of them, such as vegetables auditor, but like Kris said, maybe just check 3 or 4 packets to get the best/freshest looking one.

    1. LOL! I also check and choose like you and Kris but not until so extreme like those people.

  8. I love this post so much because I am a regular supermarket uncle! While you ranted, I just laughed because I had seen them all and more. I hate those men who opened the boxes of cookies to munch from their trolleys even before paying! Goodness!
    Believe it or not, I went to 2 Jaya Grocery outlets yesterday itself at Starling Mall first and Pearl Point later at night. It was quite impromptu visits. Now I noticed the reasons certain aisles have wider areas for buffalo shoppers to park their trolleys while auditing the vegetables! Muahahaha
    The supermarket trolleys are too big sized and should have petite ones like what Mr DIY is offering.

    1. TM! I am so happy to see your comments! Oh ya, I think many of us have come across these obnoxious shoppers who are not civic conscious at all! Why are they like that? Lack of proper education/upbringing? I really don't know.

  9. You should do another list for chap fan/ nasi campur customers too! Wahlaoooo..tooke their sweet time in choose their dishes like choosing future husband. Korek-korek, letak balik, kuis kuis, letak balik

    1. hah..hah..hah... betul! betul! My friend has already done that post. You can check it out here :