Friday 2 September 2022

Lamb Chops

Well, this is not exactly a recipe. Just how I cook lamb chops. I am really appreciating lamb these days.

I got these recently from Feast Market.

I know I am spending a lot on food. But when I think of it in terms of an "investment" in my health and well being, I think it is not unreasonable to do so.

If I am in poor health and something serious happens to me, I would be spending thousands, if not hundreds of thousand in medical fees. Although I have medical insurance, medication and after care costs can also be astounding.

So, I would rather spend forward on good nutrition rather than give my money to the hospital.

Behold my new Lodge cast iron pan. I got it from ETC and I am going to use this pan for cooking and searing. Of course a non-stick pan is a lot more convenient because it is easy to clean. However, after some time the non-stick coating get worn out and can be toxic.

The lamb chops were simply seasoned with salt and then pan fried. I do 3 minutes per side and an additional 1 minute per side after flipping. Then I also sear the outer side for a minute or two.

I found some leftover bacon and added those to my meal. The lamb chops were tender and moist and since they are already so flavorful on their own, it is good enough to simply season with salt.

While the lamb chops were cooking, Girl was trying very hard to be cute.


Want to eat lamb chops is it?

I thought I already fed you and Belle Belle snacks just now.

This girl is always hungry. No, I did not let her sample my lamb chops.

Lamb is very fatty and I love the fat.

Tomorrow I will pick up my blood test results. I did one at the end of April, right before I started this way of eating. I am interested in my inflammation marker (C-reactive protein) and triglyceride reading. For sure my cholesterol level will be high but I'd like to see my HDL/LDL ratio.


  1. Now I'm craving for lamb chops...or lamb shank...or anything lamb. Red meat withdrawal syndrome!

  2. Tender lamb chops! So mouth watering. Ya, I agree with you, better to spend on quality food than to pay medical bills later. Will you be sharing with us your analysis of your blood test results comparison. Hope you will!

    1. Good to know you are of the same thinking.

  3. Beautiful lamb chops. Cooking lamb chops at home is so much cheaper. Aww.. Please mommy, Girl just want a tiny piece of lamb chop to taste.

    1. Hee..hee.. I didn't give her because the meat is salted.

  4. I have similar cast iron skillet (smaller size and non branded) which I hardly use because the cleaning and seasoning after using is troublesome. I guess it already rusted in my cabinet. ~>_<~

    1. LOL! Yes, it can be troublesome but I am used to it.