Friday, 25 June 2021

Lockdown Day #25 : Still Cooking

Why pulak Belle Belle's photo? She has been super clingy lately but giving me very mixed signals. 

Last night again she refused to come inside. So I just let her be and did not force her. Girl as usual although always complaining to go outside, came running when I called her name. Belle Belle just chilled out right outside the door and make dunno when I asked her to come in.

This morning she rushed into the house for breakfast and later spent the day on the shoe rack that was meant for Girl.

Girl ended up sitting on a garbage bag. Aiya! Why you sit on  the rubbish bag?

This MCO 3.0 I terlebih rajin. Everyday cooking. If air frying fish fingers can be considered cooking hah..hah...

Coleslaw pun ready made punya. There are two sachets of dressing in the pack but I don't like the taste. So I made my own mayonnaise.


I must have chili sauce.

Besides frozen food, I also had some nice home cooked food.

It was so good! How not to grow fat (or rather, fatter)?

I must cook this again!

What else did I cook?



Belle Belle likes to hang out in the house after breakfast. Even when I open the door, she is not interested to go out.

The she jumps on the sofa to sit beside mommy.

Then she gives me that wide eyed look.

Haiz, Belle Belle, sometimes you are such a good girl and sometimes you are so naughty! 


  1. Even pets have mood swing! Lol.

    Your fish and coleslaw looked good

  2. That look on the face - like it is accusing you of something! You! You! You!!! LOL!!!

    OMG!!! All the delicious dishes!!! I would rather have all that you cooked, no, thanks - the frozen stuff!!! I wish somebody in the house will cook nasi tomato, miss eating that!!!

    1. I wonder what she is accusing me of? LOL!

      Hint, hint to your missus and your wish might come true!

  3. Aiyo this Belle Belle! Belle, Belle, please listen to your mommy and daddy, ok? Be a good girl cos they love you very much. Thank you Girl for letting Belle Belle sit in your place outside until you have to sit on the garbage bag. All your food so very tasty and flavourful. I eat will also gain weight in no time. That two bowls without names are the two curries are they?

    1. LOL! Belle Belle is cheeky! Those two are curries, you are right.

  4. Gosh, you have been busy cooking. I know nothing about pets. But I do wonder what's going on. I wonder if she is sick? Who can resist those big beautiful eyes?

    1. I have more time to cook during this lockdown. Those big eyes melt my heart and I can't stay angry with her. LOL!

  5. Haha, this Belle Belle is a real party girl...she wants to stay out all night! ;D Perhaps Belle has been a stray longer so she yearns for the outdoors. Of course, after spending a whole night outside, she'd want to stay indoors all day...and next to mommy...trying to be the good girl that she is and trying to make amends to mommy too so that she won't stay

    I'm assuming your mmmmm and yummmm recipes will be the featured at some point? ;) I didn't know tomato rice has milk and ghee in it (not two of my favourite things, the former for its taste and the latter, for health). It must be quite rich and needs the acidity of the tomatoes to balance out the richness. Did you make or buy this tomato rice (since I noticed it came wrapped in brown paper?).

    1. You are right, Belle Belle is much happier outside. And that happens at night, as you said party time. LOL!

      Yes, I am featuring the two curry recipes. I also dislike milk and ghee (due to the smell) but somehow these two ingredients (along with onions and spices) make nasi tomato rich and tasty. I made the nasi tomato (will share the recipe soon) and wrapped it in aluminum foil to keep warm. The reflection must have made it look like brown paper.

  6. Belle Belle is really a photogenic cat from the photos. Her eyes can talk!!

    Looking at your food, my jaws dropped lah. Are you sure you could finish all by yourself? TM pengsan.

  7. I am interested to try the nasi tomato. Good that both belle belle and ah girl are keeping you entertained at home so life won't be so boring.