Wednesday, 30 June 2021

Lockdown Day #30 : Aiyo. When Will This End?

It is now day 30 of the nationwide lockdown and it looks like Phase 1 of the National Recovery Plan is seeing no end in sight.

Yesterday I checked the news which reported 6,437 new Covid-19 cases. I screamed right there and then in my living room.

Today saw 6,276 new cases and I felt very down because the numbers were hovering around 5,000+ cases prior to yesterday and like everyone else, I was hoping to see a reduction and not an increase.

I guess I will be stuck at home for a while. I admit that while I am one to enjoy extended time at home, I worry about office work piling up and bank account balance dwindling down. 

So to cheer myself up a bit, I went out to the garden to look at my flowers.

I like this Bunga Raya (Hibiscus) because it looks like a bright red pom pom. Too bad there is nothing to cheer at the moment.

If I am not wrong, this plant came all the way from Kuala Terengganu, from my dad's garden.

Bunga Raya is practically maintenance free. Just water it and prune once in a while.

This pink one I bought from a nursery at Sungai Buloh a long time ago.

This is another multi-petal Hibiscus (different from the pom pom type) which I am certain came from my dad's garden.

My Spider Flower is doing well (in spite of pest attack) and produced a few branches that are about to bloom.

The chili plant is still going strong.

Behold my puny harvest.

They were super hot!

Another thing that cheers me up is food.

This is mee goreng with beef curry gravy.

Mee goreng again with spam omelette. 

This is Belle Belle the party girl sleeping it off after an all nighter. Yup, again stayed out last night. Naughty girl!

Meanwhile Girl was up to something under the bed.

Tomorrow I go for my vaccination (finally!) and I am feeling a tad apprehensive. Hope all goes well!


  1. Everyone is feeling down especially when we look at the daily reported cases. Death cases and suicide cases also going up. People are feeling helpless. I like your red hibiscus. Belle catching up on her lost sleep. I think Girl was doing some exercise. Lol! Both of them very entertaining and they are fun to have around. Hope everything goes smoothly for you. We are still waiting for our appointment date.

    1. LOL! Praise the Lord, my vaccination went very smoothly!

  2. Yes, it is truly depressing. With the number of cases daily, I don't think we will ever move on to Phase Two. Even if we do get to Phase Two and Three, I doubt things will ever be the same again.

    Your flowers are so beautiful. I only have one variety of hibiscus, with blooms as big as a dinner plate except that mine is not so fertile, just the size of saucers or side plates for buns - I got it from my girl's school in the jungle and for reasons unknown, it is flowering like crazy. Maybe I'll take some photos and blog about it.

  3. nice blooming flowers! where did Belle go all night? or she just slept outside within the house compound? You are so kind....if me, i wouldn't allow her to touch/sleep on my nice & clean bedsheet with the dirts from outside. Today the cases are still depressing to see the figure which is not goin down...

    1. I don't know where Belle goes because if I open the door to check, Girl will run out!

  4. so, where are u getting your jab?

  5. All the best to you tomorrow for your jab! We are taking the elderlies and accompanying them for their jab tomorrow too. Your food looks tasty as usual. Aiya this Belle Belle, why like to do all nighter so much. Girl is so obedient, stay indoor at night. Belle Belle, please follow Girl's good example!

    1. My jab went very well, many thanks! I hope your elderlies also had a smooth experience. Girl is not that obedient. Given the opportunity, she would also join Belle Belle. LOL!

    2. Thank you. They did have a smooth journey for hab1. Praying for all good for long term.

  6. Thank you for the photos of the lovely beautiful flowers. Colours so nice. Definitely brighten our days looking at them. May your chili plant give you lots of hot fiery chilies!

  7. Wish you have a fast & smooth vaccination process.

  8. Your bunga-bunga are so cantek. It gives me the mood to go back to gardening to cheer up my mood. I am very worried that depressions will come back! Aiyo.