Saturday, 19 June 2021

Lockdown Day #19 : Unagi Kabayaki (Frozen)

Today I was feeling lazy. In fact I thought about Grabfood. But then again, I have so much food in the freezer and I wanted to clear them off.

Besides, there was still a packet of brinjals (designated for another round of sambal terung) that was still untouched. So instead of ordering food, I decided to (finally) try out the  frozen Unagi Kabayaki that I ordered from VFresh. As for the brinjals, I made a (not very successful) Japanese soy glazed brinjals.

This is the frozen Unagi Kabayaki. Some years back I used to see similar BBQ eel at the chiller section at Aeon supermarket. I never bought but my brother did and if I remember correctly, he said it was OK but not like the ones at the restaurant.

There are 3 methods to reheat as per the instructions on the packaging. With benefit of hindsight (since this was an on the spur decision) I could have defrosted the eel overnight. So I followed the oven method but found that the eel was still cold after 8 minutes in the oven.

This is before reheating.

And this is after.

I had to put it back into the oven for another 5 minutes for it to be heated through.

I ran out of spring onions and other suitable salad veggies hence the cucumber slices. The Unagi Kabayaki was very chewy and springy, a QQ texture if you know what I mean. Like mochi hah..hah... Tastewise, I think it is OK and there was quite a bit of sauce in the packet.

As for my soy glazed brinjals, I need to experiment some more and make some adjustments. Overall, this was a nice meal.

Now, want to hear a funny story? A friend volunteered to buy us face shields. You know lah, Selangor got the highest Covid-19 cases so my partner thought we needed the extra protection.

Then this message came in.

I thought this sounded very familiar.

hah..hah... So Reanaclaire, you are not the only one. There is an uncle in Petaling Jaya who is also blur sotong hah..hah..hah...

So how do I look? 

And to think that I used to (secretly) laugh at people who wore face shields (last year) because I felt that they were overdoing it. Haiz....

This is Girl on the evening that Belle Belle refused to come inside.

I think she was looking for her friend. Whining and all.

Then last night Belle Belle decided to come in for her dinner. At around 9pm (she was upstairs) I carried her and put her in her cage. 

Daddy, being pro-Belle Belle decreed that his favorite should be allowed outside her cage and be free to sleep anywhere she pleased. So mommy gwai gwai let Belle Belle out (but made sure to close the study room door in case daddy's favorite decided to mess around with the computer cables).

So this happened.

Amboi amboi! Both of them berdondang sayang on the bed in the spare room (where Girl sleeps).

Girl does not seem to mind Belle Belle sharing the bed. Good then. It looks like Belle Belle is now free from the cage. Thanks to daddy.


  1. Ah, thank you for your photo. Your photo looks just as good as that day I met you. I also got a hat with face shield but till now paiseh want to wear that hat and shield out, lolx! 😂 Unagi with QQ texture? That is quite something. Not sure whether I have eaten any fish with QQ texture before. Wah, Belle Belle must go and sayang her daddy kaw kaw. Girl must be happy now to have kawan to play (and fight) all night while mommy and daddy are sleeping. 🤭🤭🤭

    1. hah..hah...daddy is her savior. She is happier outside the cage definitely and Girl has very much accepted her.

  2. LOL!!! I bought two of those face shields but I have not opened them. My missus bought on earlier and she did forewarn me before I saw Reanaclaire's post - otherwise I wouldn't know either. Wowwww!!! You look good!

    If I remember correctly, I did buy that same unagi before. It was all right, nice but I think it was rather expensive. At the Japanese restaurants here, unagi is more expensive than salmon. No choice, my girl loves it!

    1. I find it quite cumbersome wearing the face shield. Today at the supermarket, it almost fell off when I looked down. LOL!

  3. I bought face shields for my kids last year butended up hardly use!!! I didnt buy any for myself. I also have the idea of others overboard with masks and shield. Lol.

    1. LOL! Now I am wearing one myself. But only at the supermarket where it is crowded.

  4. Your Unagi Kabayaki is very delicious like a restaurant serving minus a Japanese plate.

    So you have actually met Mun in person and she lives so faraway. TM lives just a spit away but kena distanced like some unknown disease. I think I am sadly frightening many ladies away. No wonder all my Singaporean cousins called me "Aunty Killer" cos all aunties bombarded my Facebook yesterday with 100 silly and sarcastic comments over my post of having vaccinated. ~ TM sweats ~

    1. I read your vaccination post today and had a good laugh and also got a rough idea what to expect. You are so lucky you got your appointment. I am still waiting for mine. I feel so left out because my lahling got his, my parents got theirs and so did my brother.

    2. Why you laff so much? I am also wondering why so many people around me who registered since February got no appointment. They jabbed me non stop instead of being happy for me. Maybe the gomen checked my daily Sejahtera and realized I have been running everywhere non stop like a high risked monkey. So please go out more!

    3. PH: Not to worry, your turn will come soon enough. I hear more and more friends and family getting their first shot and appointments. The appointments are definitely accelerating fast & furious.

      TM: How you got yours ahead of all those who registered earlier than you is baffling indeed. Someone up there is looking out for you. Anyway, you're more than deserving of an earlier spot for the good charitable work that you do.

  5. So, the cooking instruction is not correct for the baking method! Luckily, I didn't follow the instructions and cooked mine after defrosting and it only took 5 mins to kautim.

    My, my, I have to admit you're getting more "revealing" with each post. You have now shown us what you look like...and I'm sure TM (or anyone else) will have no problem recognising you if we happen to bump into you in Uptown area...muahahahaha (not me though as I don't frequent that area)! Aiyah, you're more of a looker than me lah (you look young and slim, why the need to cut out carbs or go on a diet is a mystery to me). People used to say that slim people always think they're fat (and must diet always) while fat people have come to accept their size and don't think of dieting at My husband's friend also went through the same thing with the face mask. When my husband told him you have to peel off the plastic, he called back to say it was better but still slightly blur. Then my husband asked him, "Did you peel off both sides, outer & inner layer? Oops, he said, no wonder still blur! :D

    Cookie, unfortunately, will not have that luxury and will continue to be locked up for the night (for reasons known only to me which I don't feel the need to explain). But I'm very happy for Belle2 who has been decreed to be free from sleeping in her cage. And the first thing she did was to climb on the bed with move! ;)

    1. LOL! I have many looks (not a looker, you cannot conclude just by looking at my eyes) so will not be easy to spot me hee..hee... I look slim only from shoulders up!

      I actually prefer Belle in the cage at night because she did get up to some mischief. Haiz... But it's all right as she seems much happier and Girl does not mind it at all. I'm the one who needs to get used to it hah..hah...

    2. I agree with EWEW that I would be able to spot PH from a mile away now. See her bayang and selipar Jepun would help me to spot this famous Food Influencer in Uptown. Good luck to me.

    3. PH: How can a person be slim only from the shoulders up, ah? If a person is plus-sized, the face will tell already! ;) I know I'm right...that you're slim...and not big size as you always refer to yourself.

      TM: You don't need luck. I believe you can spot her easily when you do your surveillance in Uptown...muahahahaha!

  6. The frozen unagi that I bought seem like more saucy than yours because mine normally drenched in sauce when reheating, and yours not much "visible" from your photos.


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