Friday, 4 June 2021

Lockdown Day #4 : No More Packed Lunches

Well at least for now. But once lockdown is lifted and when I can go back to the office, I shall resume making packed lunches again. Right now, everyday I am like, hmmm...what shall I eat today?

This is one of my packed lunches many moons ago.

I love avocado and had been getting my supplies from Avocadian.

Avocados turn brown easily so I only ate them at home. Then I thought to myself, why don't I try bringing it to the office?

I packed it with my salad and placed it cut side down. Moment of truth come lunchtime.

Yay! It worked! I simply scooped it out with a spoon. My salads always taste better with avocado.

I made pickled onions using those very purple big onions that are not that nice when used for cooking. I prefer the paler ones. This pickled onion is a nice addition to salads or even sandwiches.

My Cleome is blooming again. I love these flowers.

But I find that they are very susceptible to caterpillar attack

There was another flower in my garden today.

hee..hee..Belle flower. 

As usual it is very hard to get them at the right pose.

 I managed to capture her doing her catwalk.

Her left ear is still problematic although there is no more smelly liquid oozing out from her ear. At one point it was clean and clear. That was during her quarantine when I kept her indoors 24/7.

After I allowed her to go outside, her ear started getting dirty again - lots of brown ear wax which I have to clean everyday. I am also continuing applying ear drops which were prescribed by the vet. Her right ear is not affected.

She is a sweet old girl and I love her lots. She and Ah Girl get along very well now.

So. What's for lunch today?

Well, since I made some more of this :

I had kimchi and prawn pasta.

Not nice. Kimchi Jigae is better. Loads. hah...hah....

These two tubs were made with extra added ingredient which I thought brought the taste to a whole new level.

I found an old photo of Girl. I draped the blanket over her while she was asleep.

Hee..hee... naughty mommy.


  1. My wife loves avocado and I always bought rotten fruits for her. No luck. However I do buy this yukky drink for her from Avocadian. It always escalate her mood to Cloud 9.

    I love that pickled big onions which Indian mamak shops served. Never thought that I could make this pickled at home.

    I think you need to use a spray for your cat's ear to keep it dry and free from fungus. It is a very common problem.

    1. You can get very good avocados from Avocadian. The staff will will ask when you want to consume the fruit and will choose the correct ripeness for you.

      I have bought an anti-fungal spray and have been using it on Belle Belle's ears. It seems to help.

  2. Love your colourful self made lunch box. The pickled onion colour is so pretty. I thought it is beetroot. I love to eat avocado too. Kimchi jigae is definitely better for you since you like soupy food. Hehehehe, Belle Belle is another flower in your garden. Thank you for looking after her well and treating her ear. May the ear drops given by the vet work. Thanks again for the cuties photos. Girl is like ok, I am ok with the blanket or cloth or whatever covering me, no big deal.

    1. LOL! She didn't stay under the blanket for long.

  3. Your packed lunches are so colourful, nice!

    Caterpillars? Come and see the monsters in my garden, BIG AND FAT...and the grasshoppers too!

    1. Thanks!

      The grasshoppers in my garden seem to have disappeared. Your garden must be a feast for them since you have many edible plants.

  4. I like onion pickles too. I have just made ginger pickles, now I am tempted to make onion pickles too. Your home packed lunches are beautiful and healthy. Belle is very photogenic, love her cat walk. Ha ha woke up Girl when you covered her with the blanket. Belle is trying to read in the last photo? Lol! Nice photos of your girls.

    1. Thank you! Belle Belle is more into scratching the newspapers. LOL!

  5. When I saw the photo of your packed lunch box, I thought you missed having that too much that you decided to have your lunch at home in a lunch box....wakakakaka! :D

    That pic of Belle doing her catwalk, I can see her belly protruding from the side...she needs to go on a diet to continue her 'modelling' career...hee..hee...hee! ;) That's what we have to deal with when we let our furkids roam outside, they tend to 'pick' up things. I sometimes see vomit (like watery saliva) in his cage in the mornings. Maybe something he ate outside...from neighbours bowls left out to feed stray cats...haiz. >_<

    1. LOL! I contemplated doing lunch box food prep but then since I have more time now, I might as well cook everyday.

      Ah, Belle Belle is like her mommy hah..hah...She has put on some weight since staying with me. There are many stray cats in the neighborhood and Belle Belle must have gone to visit her old friends who are strays.

  6. I like the first 3 photos of Belle, very well taken, the angle and the colours of Belle Belle were just right. Kudos to you, wonder how you manage so well, working, cooking and still have to take care of your two daughters.

  7. I like that photo which Belle was "catwalking", look at her eyes, so stunning!


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