Friday, 11 June 2021

Lockdown Day #11 : Sambal Terung (Air Fryer)

Yesterday I finally got down to making sambal for freezing. So today, I decided to make me a sambal terung to go with my leftover kari kapitan.

This usually involves deep frying the brinjals first but now that I have an air fryer, I air fried the brinjals instead. I just simply mixed some oil with turmeric powder and tossed the brinjal pieces to coat evenly.

Then these were air fried for about 15 minutes at 180C, tossing every 5 minutes. The brinjals were nice and tender and ready to be sambal-ed

This is my sambal.

The end product.

It would have tasted better had I added some belacan.

Yesterday's kari kapitan was very laku. There were two pieces left and I kept for my lunch.

This curry (as with most curries) tastes even better the next day.

This was breakfast some days ago. Too bad I ran out of bread.

This was salad from dunno what day.

My Spider Flower produced another 2 blooms. Sad to say my plant was again attacked by pests.

Can you spot the caterpillar? In fact there were another two of them. The tell tale signs are always the chewed up leaves and droppings.

Do you see the other two caterpillars?

They were really enjoying munching my plant.

Belle Belle wants to say hi.


  1. My girl's favourite, terung! I've given up on caterpillars and grasshoppers and snails already - just let them be, let them eat all they want in my garden.

    1. No wonder you are so blessed with friends giving you food here there and everywhere! It is due to your kindness to these garden creatures.

  2. Hi Belle Belle! Where is your friend? Girl? I will happily eat your food especially got people to prepare for me so no complaints. Just eat only. Yum yum yummy!

  3. Wah! I want to air fry the terung tomorrow and lace them with sambal. I love to eat this very much. Thank you for giving this air fryer recipes.

    I wonder why you never sprayed the plants with mild pesticides? My plants have been free of grasshoppers and caterpillars so far. The liquid spray was less than RM10.

    1. I prefer not to use pesticides because I also have edible plants in the garden. I also don't want to harm my two kitties.

  4. Wah belle belle got such a nice pink cushion floor mat to sit on. Terung mean brinjals? I learned a new word today. I love to eat brinjals a lot.

    I have phobia of insects so no gardening for me plus i got no green fingers.

  5. I don't have any more belacan sambal, all finished and I cannot go Penang to get my favourite ones! I should have bought more last time to store up! LOL... Now I only use the fresh cilipadi or dried chillies when I want to make spicy dishes... Like you, my plants are also invaded by grasshoppers... they really have a nice time eating up the greens...

    1. My sambal I used fresh and dried chilies. I still have lots of belacan in my fridge!

  6. Luckily you have an air fryer to fry those terung, otherwise you can't cut them so thickly as they'll absorb loads of oil. That's why I roast them in the oven too for the same purpose. I love terong sambal looks like yours (except not so fine) and they are without belacan too. Yes, it might be tastier...but it's healthier without...+ I don't want my house to stink of belacan.

    Your kari kapitan must have been less spicy since you say it was very laku (with help from your partner, I presume...coz if I remember correctly, he can't take spicy food). That's where your partner's tastebuds differ from my husband as he can take very spicy food (unlike me).

    Oh my, the caterpillars are very good at camouflaging themselves...I can hardly spot them.

    If Cookie were to sit in that position, he would not have achieved that very "huggable" round look that Belle! And that from only eating one can of wet food a must be in our gender & metabolism, women get fat even when we eat a little, certainly far less than the men....not fair! :D :D

    1. I removed the seeds from the fresh and dries chilies for the sake of my lahling. I always thought that it is we girls who love spicy food and not so much the men. LOL!

      The vet mentioned that spayed cats tend to put on weight. Maybe just the females since your Cookie is so lean. Females are designed to carry more fat for reproductive purposes. Yes, so unfair!

  7. Haha, I just commented that flooded my nasi with your luscious curry gravy, and you did it in this post :P