Wednesday 21 November 2018

Your Cake So Dry One!

But for some strange reason, I liked it. A lot. This is actually an Orange Date Bread. One of those quick breads which is not actually bread but a cake that is made simply by mixing the wet and dry ingredients together, like making muffins.

I admit that I am not a fan of dates. But I have baked a date cheesecake and found dates to be awesome baked with bacon. After the Hari Raya celebrations, I bought another box of Medjool dates.

The dates stayed untouched. Typical. While housekeeping one day, I checked the expiry date and it said February 2019. It is now November and soon it will be December and if I don't use the dates, you know what will happen. And I was determined not to let it.

A search online got me an Orange Date Bread recipe that looked simple enough. The ingredients :

- 227g pitted dates
- 1 cup orange juice (to soak the dates)
- 2 cups flour
- 3/4 tsp cinnamon
- 1/2 tsp salt
- 3/4 cup sugar
- 2 eggs
- 4 tbsp butter

Looking at the recipe, I thought that there was not enough butter so I increased it a little bit. When I mixed the dough, oh my God, the batter was so dry. Like cookie dough. It was too late to add any more eggs or butter. So I went ahead and transferred the batter into a loaf pan and baked.

Miraculously, the batter rose in the pan and I was hopeful since the smell of the cake was wonderful. But when it was done, it was all dry and crusty.

When the cake was cool enough, I sliced into it and yes, as expected it was dry. Gah! I think you can tell from the photo that it is dry and grainy.

When still warm, it was quite all right, just like eating a soft cookie. The taste was excellent, that cannot be denied. But pity about the lack of moisture.

I did not have the heart to throw the cake away because the Medjool dates are quite pricey. I gave my partner 4 slices and told him that the cake is dry and if he found it inedible, just throw it away. Knowing how frugal he is, I think he will eat the cake. True enough, I got a message from him that the cake tasted nice but if only it were moist.

Since this (failed) cake has very good flavor, I will re-attempt to perfect it. That is if I can find Medjool or any other dates.


  1. I am not really a fan of dates cake. I don't mind dates in my soup but not really in cake.

    Bet you would be making this cake anytime soon. Practise makes perfect, they say.

  2. Looks like one of those gluten-free bread that my girl made, the texture.

  3. Dates are like sacred fruits and those expiry dates could be extended for another 2 years easily. I am talking from my own experience as I love to much those dates sold during Hari Raya.

    Your dry cake is my favourite to go with coffee too and could double as cookies, like you said. You should have told your partner that they were cookies and he would say too moist!

  4. Even if the cake had good flavour, I don't think I can stomach it if it's really dry. I'm one of those who don't like to eat dry food. :(

  5. I eat cakes that I find to be too dry by pouring a bit of milk on a slice and let it slowly seep into the cake. It will be moist enough after that and delicious! So I will do the same for your cake since I can tell from the ingredients that your cake would taste incredibly scrumptious! :)

    1. I suppose it can be eaten dunked in milk or coffee.

  6. Hi there. Just to share that you haven’t baked a dry cake as it is correct to call this recipe a bread. It is usually enjoyed fresh with some butter spread on it, or toasted then buttered for breakfast. Perfect accompaniment to a cup of coffee. Sold at bakeries or cafes in the western world. Also great for morning tea.

    1. Hi Dorie! Well, I have never eaten a cake that was so dry. I should have thought about spreading butter on it like toast!

  7. First look at the photo I thought they were cookies hee hee, can dunk in milk and eat

    1. I could have transformed them into cookies hee..hee...

  8. I'm the one who will not throw any food which is edible, no matter how dry it is, because I bought those ingredients with my hard-earned $ =.="