Tuesday, 9 June 2020

Covid-19 MCO : Day #84 (Yummy BBQ Chicken)

This is the same BBQ chicken that I made that day but after tasting the BBQ Chicken Wings I shall not mention the name of that place again. Not in this post anyway hah..hah...

Someone came up with the marinade recipe (bless you dear) and I tried it (with modifications) and loved it. 

You mix up some sauces, minced garlic and black pepper to make a marinade. Then you boil and simmer the marinade for just a little while. Is this necessary? Can you use the marinade without cooking it first?

Yes, you can and I have tried both methods but the one where the marinade is boiled tastes a lot better.

Once the marinade is cooled completely, use it to marinate  the chicken. I like to put the chicken into a plastic bag and pour the marinade inside. Then I leave the whole lot in the fridge to marinate overnight.

The next day, I take it out from the fridge to stand for about an hour. Bacteria? I don't worry about bacteria because this is going to roast and bacteria is going to die.

I pour out the chicken and marinade into a bowl.

The place on a lined baking tray, skin side down first. These (2 whole legs and 2 thighs) are roasted at 180C for 45 minutes, turning over after 20 minutes and basting every 10 minutes or so.

I use the excess marinade for basting.

There you have it, nicely roasted BBQ chicken. Notice that the chicken did not release much water because this chicken was from the market and not supermarket. The supermarket ones are notorious for releasing lots of water.

The marinade becomes a sticky glaze after spending time in the oven.

The taste is so yummy..yummy..yummy... I used these for my food prep. Yes, I took the trouble to debone and cut the meat into cubes. So rajin, right? heh..heh...

Served with charred vegetables.

My cast iron pan did a great job. These charred green capsicum and French beans tasted amazingly sweet and smoky. 

Loved the BBQ chicken. You can tweak the marinade ingredients to your liking as there are no hard and fast rules here. I did not add any salt because saltiness from the sauces is enough for me.

Sticky BBQ Chicken 
Recipe source : Adapted from Dana

Ingredients :
- 2 whole chicken legs and 2 thighs (because that was what I had in the freezer)

For the marinade 
- 6 tbsp tomato ketchup
- 4 tbsp chili sauce
- 4 tbsp oyster sauce (I used oyster flavored vegetarian version)
- 1 tbsp honey
- 1/4 tbsp freshly cracked black pepper
- 1 tbsp olive oil
- 2 cloves garlic finely minced (I used garlic crush)

Method :
1.  Mix all the marinade ingredients in a saucepan and bring to a boil. Simmer for about 10 minutes and let cool completely
2. Put chicken pieces into a plastic bag and pour in the cooled marinade.
3. Seal the plastic bag and leave in the fridge for chicken to marinate overnight.
4. The next day, bring out to room temperature.
5. Arrange chicken pieces skin side down on a lined baking tray. Reserve the excess marinade.
6. Roast at 180C for 45 minutes or until cooked, basting with the reserved marinade every 10 minutes or so. Turn the chicken pieces over (skin side up) after 20 minutes.
7. Remove from oven and serve.


  1. extra garlic in the marinade for me pls! :) actually, i realised i'm not a big fan of the heavy barbecue-style marinades - so maybe a garlic-lemon or a garlic-herb marinade for me :)))

    1. Garlic-lemon or garlic-herb marinade sounds really good. That should be on the menu next!

  2. That looks so good. I would prefer lightly boiled vegetables to those charred ones, I'm sure.

    1. Thanks you! You are just like my partner. He won't touch those "chow tar" veges LOL!

  3. I think the marinade tasted better after cooking because it had a chance to caramelise seeing that there's sugar involved (in the honey, tomato ketchup & chilli sauce). Every time I see your roast chicken, I 'jealous' tau coz they're always beautifully browned but I 'malas' sangat nak turn and baste my chicken, sebab gitu lah (although I'm also not into heavy marinades & sauces like Sean! :( Then I see your nicely charred vegetables pulak, lagi jealous coz I don't have cast iron pan! T_T I can imagine the taste of your roasted chicken & vegetables...better than mine anytime. P/S: Is this your last daily post since the CMCO officially ends today? Otherwise you might have to persevere with your daily updates until the end of the RMCO (at the end of August or longer...wahahahaha)! :O

    1. Don't jealous lah hah..hah... Hmmm...I'll see if I can tahan until the end of the RMCO! hee..hee..

  4. Replies
    1. They were, until jilat the fingers and plate! LOL!

  5. I want to eat those deboned meat as they are easy to eat. You are so diligent to keep basting them with the excess marinate. When u open the oven to bast them, must be very hot. Can show us a photo of your oven ah? Cos it is like a very good oven, can bake tasty cake and roast so many tasty dishes so can recommend this oven to us?

    1. My oven is more than 10 years old hah..hah... It is a Panasonic microwave convection oven. I have shown my oven before in some baking post, Ogura cake I think.

    2. Oh, I used to have the exact Panasonic microwave but I only use it to microwave, never to bake.

  6. Charred vegetales and bbq chicken make a good combo.

  7. Wow.. they really look so moist and yummy!! Looking at your ingredients, I can imagine the taste already!! Sweet and savoury, just what I want too!! I wonder if I minus oyster sauce and tomato sauce, how it taste like.... cos I have neither in the house... anyway, I wanna try and will let you know if I have done it! hahaha...

    1. Good..good...must experiment hah..hah.. Should be ok without oyster or tomato sauce. Just make your own with what you have.

  8. I saw ketchup in your list of marinade ingredients, which can create an appetizing sourish flavour to the chicken. Yum~

    1. It's a crucial ingredient or else won't be nice.