Wednesday, 23 August 2017

Ikan Goreng Sambal Lebur (Fried Fish with Sambal Lebur)

After I did a post on Sambal Lebur, my mum whatsapp me asking for the recipe. You know you have arrived when your mum asks you for recipe and not the other way around wahahaha!!

So over my head, while computing capital allowances, I recalled what I chucked into the lesung batu. Mum tried the recipe and reported that it was delicious.

I will share the exact same recipe below because Kris remarked that she would not know where to start if she did not have the exact proportions of ingredients for the sambal.

Since I made quite a lot of the sambal, I thought why not use it as a topping for fried fish. So the very next day, I fried a pomfret (which had been sleeping in the freezer) and topped it generously with the sambal was so so good! It reminded me of my mum's asam pomfret which she did not cook often because she said my dad disliked it. Aiya, Pa! ho chiak lah! 

Frying fish is not as traumatic (hah..hah..) as before. I dabbed the fish dry with paper towels and rubbed the fish with turmeric powder. The turmeric powder absorbed whatever remaining moisture and when the fish hit the hot oil, there was no dramatic spluttering. Phew!

Since I also cooked Nasi Goreng Sambal Belacan, the two were eaten together with some pineapple chunks. Delish!

Ikan Goreng Sambal Lebur
Recipe source : Phong Hong

Ingredients :
- 1 pomfret, make 3 slits on each side of the fish
- 1 tsp turmeric powder
- 1 Holland onion, sliced into rings

For the sambal lebur
- 7 red chillies
- 5 chili padi
- 3 cloves garlic
- 1 big onion
- 3 belacan (the Belacan Kampung or use approximately 1 heaped tablespoon belacan)
- a handful of ikan bilis
- 6-8 cherry tomatoes, each cut into 2 (you can use a small regular tomato, sliced)
- 1 tablespoon asam jawa juice
- 2 tbsp sugar

Method :
1. To make the sambal lebur, pound or blend the chilies, garlic, onion, belacan and ikan bilis.
2. Heat oil (must use more oil) in a wok or pan and saute the pounded ingredients together with the tomatoes over medium flame until aromatic and the tomatoes are softened.
3. Season with asam jawa juice and sugar (I did not add any salt as the belacan was salty enough). Taste and adjust, the sambal must be sweet, sour and salty.
4. Set aside to cool and excess can be stored in a bottle and kept in the fridge.
5. Now for the fish. Dab dry and rub with turmeric powder.
6. Fry the fish until cooked and remove to a plate.
7. Remove some oil from the pan and give the Holland onions a quick stir fry. Add as much sambal lebur into the pan as you like to mix with the onions. Pour sambal over the fried fish.


  1. Makes me think of mine. I did not want to use tomato sauce, not gluten free, for my sweet and sour fish so I used Lingham's chili sauce, EXTRA HOT...and it was so hot I did not pour it over the fish in the end.

    1. Your missus must have enjoyed the extra hot sauce :)

  2. Ooo...thank you so much for thinking of me and putting out the recipe for my benefit. And because of that, I will try you put it....lebur away and try my hand at this sambal as this one (with simple ingredients) looks simple enough to try. I don't ever make sambal at home as most of the recipes seemed too complex with lots of ingredients I don't really have (or keep) in my pantry like ground coriander, cumin, galangal, candlenut, etc., etc. :(

    1. My pleasure! Do lebur away hah..hah... I believe you will enjoy your homemade sambal :)

  3. What a yummy ikan goreng you made! I like the way you decorated the plate with fresh leaves and I am sure the fish was happy too. Today I learnt that tumeric powder could absorb all the moisture! Magic.
    I wonder why your papa disliked the fried pomfret when I love it to the skies? Next time invite me!

    #PapaNoLIKEpomfret #KrisEWEW?? #InviteMePleaseeee

    1. LOL! When papa doesn't like a dish, mummy won't cook it :(

    2. Aiks, what's my hashtag doing on your blog...kekeke! :D #TMlovesIkanGoreng #TMlearnsTumericWonder #InviteTMpleaseee

  4. Aiyah, your mom is one of your blog readers ke? Well, by now she should know what to do about the curry cap rose whatever. Distribute fasterlah, PH ^_^

    Wah, mom also loves sambal lebur. I bet my neighbour tak tidur 2,3 malam kalau baca nih!

    The way you narrates about how to fry a fish, rasa lain macam pulak. Haiyo, kenapa sekarang I always rasa lain macam huh? Hehehe!

    1. Yes, my mum read my blog LOL! Why lain macam pulak? I am sure you are way better than me in frying fish hee..hee..

  5. I wish I stay nearby u, can take order from u...

  6. Must be delicious since your mother thinks so too. Wow! your mother is so modern to read your blog.

  7. Wahhh.. I am salivating now over your meal, that is my kind of food too!!

  8. Wah! I oso want to meLebur after this!

  9. hi, phong hong's mom (if you're reading this!) :D i think my aunts would appreciate this recipe too ... and i'd be happy to eat it :D

    1. I bet my mum is thrilled that you said hi to her hee..hee..

  10. It is almost midnight and this is really making me hungry!

  11. Oh my....this looks amazing, simple as well. Will definetly be trying this out. Thanks for the exact measurements. Even I stress if I don't have the exact measurements for a new recipe:)

  12. Why? before this you fried the fish without tumeric powder ek? Aiyaa..mmgle merecik2 minyaknya.

  13. Wah....ada Sambal Lebur Part 2 eh?

    Dasat ah your mum LL. Celik IT gitu. Anak beranak hantu sambal ni nampaknya hihi .....

    Yelah...separuh orang memang kena ada sukatan yang betul sebelum try sesuatu resipi tu. Baguslah ur inisiatif tu LL.

    I ni main taram aje haha ..

    1. hah..hah... mum LL boleh main2 google gitu. Kitorang whole family suka sambal. Sambal lebur ni kira multi purpose lah, kan.


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