Wednesday 12 June 2024

Famous Wife Cake

Apparently this particular brand of Wife Cake is very famous.

When people go to Hong Kong, they will buy this brand of Wife Cake as gifts and for their own consumption. 

Or so I have been told. 
So I kidnapped one piece of the Kee Wah Bakery Wife Cake for a taste.

I mean, how could I miss this opportunity right? It's not everyday that people who go to Hong Kong will bring this back for us, betul tak?

But before I partake in the pastry, I had to eat my dinner first (to blunt the glucose spike).

Don't worry. I did not eat both strips of pork belly in one sitting.

One was for dinner.

The other was for the next day's lunch.

I also had a helping of store bought kimchi, Ilmi Kimchi, my favorite brand. It's salty and tangy, perfect eaten with fatty meats.

 After my meal, it was time for dessert!

What I liked is that the filling was not too sweet (that was my mum's comment too). It was very subtle and just nice.

It was nice. But since I am not a Wife Cake connoisseur and my tastebuds have changed a bit, I cannot be relied upon to give a review. So if you want a proper (professional) review, you can read it here.

Well, that was a nice ending to my meaty (and fatty) dinner.

***Kittie Updates***

My two cutie pies, Poodie and TuTu.

With Ah Boi it's a threesome.

Ah Boi's coat is so shiny and smooth.

Here she is with her mama.

Ah Boi giving her killer stare.


  1. Ya, this is the famous HK brand. I find the gooey fillings, the texture takes some getting used to for me because I prefer more solid texture like lotus paste or custard texture like egg tarts.
    Ah, your 3 cuties with their mommy. Grandma is looking after them well so their coats of fur are all shiny and smooth. Can usap usap. 😻

    1. Hee..hee... I like to usap usap their smooth fur. It is quite therapeutic!

  2. Haha, I'm glad you took the opportunity to give this wife cake a taste test (professional review? aiyoh, paiseh lah!) and found the winter melon paste not too sweet too (which was why I liked it in the first place). If your mom still have any balance not eaten, know that it tastes even better with a bit of toasting (in the toaster oven). ^_~

    1. Too bad, no more left! LOL! I did remember (before revisiting your post) that you mentioned something about toasting the wife. Hmmm...I should have done that before eating it.

  3. Your aif fried pork belly reminded of the roasted pork that I made 2 days ago. I poked hole the skin but it ended up not crackling at all and very hard after being roasted. ~>_<~

    1. For crackling you need to air dry the skin (in the fridge) overnight.