Saturday 28 October 2023

Stress Eating @ Yit Cha Kaw Kaw Kopitiam

On Friday morning, my brother dropped mum and I at the hospital. I had originally planned to spend the early part of morning cleaning the litter boxes at home.

My (three) cats' litter boxes have not been cleaned for two months already. I know. Horrors! What to do? Since mum wanted to go meet the doctor, I had to abandon my plan. I guess the stinky litter boxes can wait another week.

So we met with the doctor so that mum could get assurance on how to manage dad's condition at home. After that I accompanied mum back to the house and ordered lunch for her. Once lunch was delivered, I walked back to Damansara Utama and stopped here.

Yitcha Kaw Kaw Kopitiam. It has been a while since I visited. I needed some comfort food. Food that is bad for the flesh but good for the spirit. Sekali sekala never mind lah!

Full blown carb fest! Wanton Noodles with Hakka Pork, pastries (Butter Kaya Puff and Bursting Kaya Puff) and iced Kopi C Kosong.

I'm afraid the wanton mee was not up to the standards of wantan mee that I am used to. It was overcooked and soggy. Besides, the sauce was not quite there and somehow Hakka pork does not seem like an apt accompaniment (at least to me). The soup was just all right with three decent tasting wantons.

These two pastries were more than decent. My favorite is still the Bursting Kaya Puff. If your timing is right and you are served with pastries fresh out of the oven, then you are in for a treat.

The tissue paper dispenser was conveniently right above me, so this is where to sit (along the wall) for easy access. If you were seated elsewhere and if all tables along the wall are occupied, it can be awkward to come grab your tissues.

This kopitiam is as popular as ever. The staff are well trained and as soon as you enter, you are greeted with an enthusiastic "WELCOME!" and shown to a table.

Service is prompt and as soon as a table is vacated, a member of staff will scurry over to clear and clean the table for the next customer. And when you get up to leave, you are sent off with an enthusiastic "THANK YOU!". 

After the meal, I went to the pharmacy to pick up some medical supplies and walked all the way back to my brother's house. I wanted mum to have these for peace of mind as she was anxious about dad coming home the next day. Then I walked back to the office.

I clocked up many steps that day. Yay!

This morning, I cooked mee goreng again since everyone seems to enjoy it. Three portions - mum, dad (who was discharged from hospital today) and brother. 
In the morning, I dropped off the mee goreng and went to the office first to get some work done.

Then I went for an early lunch or rather, brunch since I was going to my brother's house to wait for the ambulance.

I remembered the nasi lemak was quite decent, so I had that. The curry gravy was very nice but a tad salty. The sambal was pretty good too and so was the rice. The fried chicken however was just ordinary (pre-fried and at room temperature).

And yes, I had the Bursting Kaya Puff again. My favorite. And I must say that the Kopi C here is pretty good. 

I know, I am eating the very foods that give me health issues but I have to admit that in times like this, I just cave in. My bad!

Dad was discharged at noon today and arrived home by ambulance.

He was in good spirits and shortly after being safely placed in bed, he had lunch. I hope all will be well and that the next hospital visit will not be so soon. In fact the ambulance driver told dad in jest that he does not want to see dad again (hope so!).

I left shortly after so that mum and dad can take their afternoon nap. Walk, walk, walk.


  1. What is Hakka pork?? Being a Hakka myself, I don't know there is such thing as Hakka pork??

    That is one eventful day, a lot of walking done. But great exercise, to burn those calories.

    1. Hakka pork here is referring to Hakka Nam Yue Pork.

    2. Rose : Mun answered your question on my behalf. LOL! Yes, now I exercise everyday without even trying hah..hah...

    3. Thanks for clarifying Mun and PH. 😊

  2. Wow, good exercise for you with all the walking. Ah ah ah I want to eat the bursting kaya puff. Your mom is really great, since she is the main carer for your dad. I have seen the carers at the care center changing diapers for the elderly so many times and have to wipe clean the skin and moisturise the skin so that it won't get rash, really hard work. Salute to your mom 👍

    1. Yes, I enjoy the walk although with this hot weather I sweat all the way. My mom was a nurse and her training came in very handy.

  3. Yessssss!! Just eat and hentam any comfort food to keep our spirits sane and happy. It will only be temporary and soon Miss Daisy Carnivore would be back to healthy diet. After all, you have been walking a lot to balance up. You might need a new slippers soon with 10k daily walk. The soles must be botak now 😂😂😂

    Your Signature Mee Goreng looks like Chinese styled and whole family loves it. I am so curious on the delicious taste and your secret ingredients.

    I must go and try this Bursting Kaya Puff and Kopi C. They are best to eat together like husband and wife.

    I have phobia of eating Wanton Mee as many really had too soggy or hard noodles like wire!! So I would safely eat Wanton Mee at Good Tastes or Annie-1. Guaranteed pass to perfection! Yums!

    Daddy is home. Hooray!! ❤️❤️❤️

    1. Adoi, you are encouraging me to hentam. LOL! Yes, I have been misbehaving by eating so much carbs. I think you will like the kaya puff and kopi C. Recently my brother Grabfood Donald's wanton mee and my mum said it was very good.

  4. Oh? The wanton mee looks good though, what a pity. The tissue paper box looks like a mail box!

    1. If they could cook it to the right doneness, not too soggy it might be better especially if they can improve the sauce.

  5. The bursting kaya puff stayed true to its name....macam thick and bursting from the cross-section you showed in the photo. These days almost every cafe has nasi lemak on their menu...but serving fried chicken that's pre-fried and cold at a place like this and with the prices they charge is not cool. I'd rather eat your mee goreng! ;)

    When you say the litter box has not been cleaned for 2 months, I take it that you mean the litter has not been changed for 2 months...if the litter has not been cleaned/scooped away, if you don't pengsan with the "aroma", your cats will...wakakakaka! :D

    1. LOL! Yes, the box has not been changed but of course I scooped out the you-know-what everyday. My plan to change the box and fill with fresh litter has been postponed again >.<!!!

  6. Letter box as tissue dispenser, that's cute!