Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Nutella Swirl Cheesecake

Just before Chinese New Year, I stocked up on a particular brand of cream cheese that was on special offer. I usually buy Philadelphia Cream Cheese (which has become very, very expensive) and Tatura (the more affordable of the two).

This particular cream cheese was sold in a pack of two 200g tubs. I can't remember the price but it was attractive enough for me to buy a few packs.

Then I noticed that this cream cheese is quite soft and when left to stand, releases quite a lot of water unlike the other two brands that I mentioned.

It was when my cheesecake was baking in the oven that I realized that this cream cheese is way too soft. Even after baking for an hour (in spite of the correct amounts of ingredients used), the cake was still not set. But once cooled, it did become firm.

However, it was still pretty soft even after it was chilled which explains why my cheesecake slices have a shaggy look. That was what I experienced when I baked my Pumpkin Gula Melaka Cheesecake. I thought that the cake was soft due to omission of flour. But now I suspect the brand of cream cheese.

The cheesecake was so fragile that I could not get neat slices and they were sort of falling apart as you can see above. But in spite of that, it was still a very good cheesecake, if I may say so myself. 

The soft texture was actually really nice as you can eat the cheesecake straight out of the fridge.

I ate two slices that day (heh...heh...heh....) and the rest were given away. I learnt a lesson. Sometimes products that are cheaper may not get you the right results. So I will stick back to Tatura or if I am feeling extravagant, Philadelphia Cream Cheese.

Nutella Swirl Cheesecake
Recipe source : PH

Note : I used a 7" springform pan

Ingredients :
For the cheesecake base :
- 160g chocolate chip cookies (I used Chipsmore)
- 50g melted butter

For the filling :
- 600g cream cheese (softened at room temperature)
- 120g caster sugar
- 3  eggs
- 250ml whipping cream
- 2 tsp vanilla extract
- 1 tbsp plain flour
- 1 heaped tbsp Nutella

Method :
1. Grease the baking pan with butter and set aside.
2. To make the base, finely crush the cookies and add melted butter. Mix until mixture is like wet sand.
3. Pour mixture into the baking pan and press the mixture firmly into the base. Set aside in the fridge.
4. To make the filling, beat the cream cheese and sugar until creamy.
5. Add vanilla extract and eggs, one at a time, beating well after each addition.
6. Sift in flour and beat until well mixed.
7. Remove about 1/4 of the filling and mix with Nutella.
8. Pour the remaining batter into the pan and using a teaspoon, drizzle the Nutella mixture on the filling.
9. Using a skewer, swirl the batter to create patterns.
10. Bake in a water bath at 140C for 1 hour or until the cheesecake is set but the center is still jiggly.
11. Remove from oven to cool completely.
12. Chill in the fridge for a few hours or overnight.


  1. This Mama Hong is now a kitchen detective like Sherlock Holmes doing detective experiments with cream cheese! My eyes went wide to hear that you gave the rest away!! To who? Why not me??

    Next time I would sponsor you a few cakes of the Philadelphia Cream Cheese so that you could give the rest away to me!!! Just put it at your gate post while you still hide inside when I come to collect.

    1. There you go again. Begging for food. LOL!

  2. Wah, who are the lucky recipients of your nutella cheese cake? It must be so delicious to eat them directly out of the fridge, just like creamy thick ice cream. Yummy! Yummy!

  3. You never cease to amaze me - you are really good with your hands. That cake can put a lot of those at the bakeries here to shame!

  4. This is so true, sometimes just changing a different brand (even in cooking) of ingredients can affect the outcome. And I've learned from experience is never ever better! :(

    1. No more of the cheaper stuff for me. Sometimes saving just a few ringgit does not pay.

  5. next up - the nutella AND peanut butter cheesecake for a double dose of nuttiness! :D

    1. That is an idea! Sounds delicious to me :)

  6. Sikit je 2 slice tu LL.... Kalau I mungkin 4 slice hahahhaha...
    Lembiklah Philadelphia ni kan.....tak tahan lasak.... perumpamaan mcm budak kampung ngan budak bandarlah....budak bandar main hujan sikit dah demam, budak kg kan tahan lasak

    Relevan tak hahhahah

    1. Yang lembik tu Emborg, Hainom. Philadelphia paling mantap tapi harganya tak best hah..hah...

  7. Beautiful cheese cake. At least the taste is still good.

  8. I prefer soft cheesecake :)

    1. Nicer to eat but when comes to slicing and plating, have to extra care.