Tuesday, 26 February 2019

Cookie Disaster

Does anybody like Snickers? You know, that milk chocolate bar filled with caramel, peanuts and nougat? I used to stash those in my office drawer and eat in times of stress.

But I have since put a stop to it as they are very sweet and loaded with calories. And then one day while shopping at Aeon, I spotted this :

Some more got special offer. So I bought two. And of course I did not work on it right away but stashed them in the fridge. Then one weekend I decided to bake some cookies using the recipe that came with the package.

Since I did not want to bake a big batch, I halved the recipe. As usual, my math is ting tong tiang and I did not halve the butter.

I also added one whole egg as it did not make sense to add half, as I did not want to be left with half an egg. I suppose I could have either left out the egg or add the half to my next omelette.

Because of the excess butter and egg, although the dough was chilled, the cookies spread very wide. And as I was trying to transfer them to the cooling rack, they broke >.<

Please ignore the one on the lower right corner
Only one cookie remained intact. But here's the thing. Broken or not, cookies are never really a disaster unless if you burn them. They are still edible, still very good (more butter more taste hee...hee....) and still make you happy.

In view of the leftover Snickers Baking Bites and another packet in the fridge, you bet I am going to bake these again.


  1. So the recipe is you have to make the dough yourself then stud those Snickers chocolate in it? O.O

  2. They look good, never mind what or how, the most important is the taste. After all, sendiri makan one.

  3. Tasty cookies! Must keep myself away from these tasty cookies or else I will get sore throat despite drinking a lot of water.

  4. ah cookies! I still have leftover cny cookies at home!!! as long as it taste good, that is not yet a disaster!

  5. I am surprised this brand sells their own baking bites for easy cookie making. Yet you turned it into a disaster. Baking cakes and cookies are so delicate that we need to follow as precisely as possible due to the chemistry reactions of the flour and raw ingredients. I had my terrible share of disasters too. Again, I must share their untold culinary secrets that need to freeze their ingredients when necessary! I accidentally discovered this when baking in Winter which means their packet instructions need to be adjusted in Malaysia due to our hot & humid climate.

    1. LOL! I was careless. Normally those ang moh cookies must chill before baking.

  6. heheh, not a disaster at all, since these cookies still look absolutely delicious! i love snickers almond bars, but i don't quite enjoy the snicker peanut bars - my weakness is snickers ice cream bars! :D

  7. As long as yummy, never mind the looks. After all it is for our own stomach, unless it is for sharing. But its the satisfaction of making cookies that look good and tasty.

  8. Broken pieces at the end would all go into own stomach right? I would stuff all broken pieces into my mouth, sound very fattening, but better than wasting them. They look good to me still.