Saturday, 19 March 2022

Penang Lang's Small Is Really Small

I am talking about food portion size heh..heh... which I ordered today from Penang Lang Cuisine via ShopeeFood

I have been ordering quite a bit from ShopeeFood because I ran out of discounts from GrabFood. It seems like ShopeeFood has endless supply of vouchers which range from RM4.00 to RM12.50 plus free deliveries.

Just the other day I got a very sweet deal on my order from A&W @ TTDI.

However, I find that the ShopeeFood app can be quite cacat at times. This A&W order was a bit of a heart attack. When I got the notification that the rider was on the way to me, I noted that he was travelling towards Damansara Utama. Yikes!

Why? Then the guy arrived somewhere near The Starling and I thought that I had selected the wrong delivery address when I placed my order - office instead of house. But that was not the case.

Shortly after, I got a call from the rider. Apparently, he was given the incorrect pinned location by the app. When I told him that the delivery is supposed to be at Bandar Utama, he kept telling me "jauh lah! delivery yang akak bayar murah"("too far! the delivery fee you paid is cheap"). "Hello adek! Dari A&W TTDI ke Bandar Utama dekat aje." Vomit blood I tell you. Eventually he made his way to me.

Sorry I digress. Today's delivery was smooth and fast, just like the other deliveries prior to that vomit-blood-delivery.

These were my orders :

As you can see, I am still hankering for sotong kangkung.  I was contemplating making my own but the the idea of soaking the sotong kembang with chemicals (air abu) threw me off.

This is the sotong kangkung.

I transferred the contents to a plate.

At RM12.00, they could have given me a bit more kangkung. I am not complaining about the sotong, I checked the prices on Lazada and Shopee, not cheap eh. 

Oh my. It was good - the black sauce, the chili sambal and crushed peanuts - if only I had limau kasturi to squeeze for added zing. Got standard.

Next chee cheong fun, something I have not eaten in a long time.

At RM7.00, it is like eating gold. Indeed the taste was golden, it is the best chee cheong fun that I have eaten, if my memory serves me right. The sambal (same as the one for the sotong kangkung) was spot on. Maybe that is the premium ingredient as I tasted very robust hae bee (dried prawns). Again, got standard.

Next, the Penang Char Koay Teow, portion size quite decent for small.

There were a few cockles in there too.

Lots of wok hei, very, very tasty. Also got standard.

So today, all my orders scored well and met with expectations (perhaps with the exception for portion size of the sotong kangkung - not complaining about the sotong but the amount of kangkung and chee cheong fun). This eatery will stay in my saved places on the app.


  1. Gosh!!! The sotong kangkung IS very small and unlike the sotong, kangkung is not expensive, I'm sure.

    Sibu's small is VERY big, I assure you - friends always say we get so much in one plate of kampua mee unlike in Kuching, sure they cannot finish.

    Trust the Foochows - they need the quantity for the strength to work very very hard!!! That is why they are all very rich, children all overseas! Ummmm...not me! I am Foochow sesat! LOL!!!

    1. Well, when small is big, I like! Terrible lah the portion size. It's simply too small and judging from the price charged, it's rather shocking. Now I wonder how big is their big!

      Foochow sesat? LOL!

  2. Penang lang cuisine is now in my list. I also want to eat sotong kangkung with more kangkung. Looks like you are getting very good deals using shoppeefood. Very good. The A&W is really a good price. Pity the rider got shown the wrong address.

    1. I will try Penang Lang Cuisine again, this time, large LOL!

  3. Sotong kangkung is my fav too. But here not many good ones...

    1. This one can be considered quite good. I might have too add in my own kangkung. LOL!

  4. Yes, I agree with you 100%...Penang Lang's small is really small! I've just had some Penang noodles over the weekend and their portions are really small...among some of the smallest I've come across so far...and you know what, some of the Ipoh food I had in Ipoh, the portions are also very small. But when in Rome, do as the Romans when in KL, give us bigger portions

    1. I didn't expect the small to be minute, I was quite taken aback hah..hah... So it's like that too in Ipoh, so if I find myself there, then must order large! Now I wonder how big is their big, that I shall find out in my next order. LOL!

  5. This seem like a very satisfying food delivery for you, which will be your new love?

    1. Honestly, in terms of discounts, ShopeeFood wins hands down. But the app is not as good as GrabFood and sometimes it can get quite frustrating.