Thursday, 10 March 2022

My Discounts Boh Liao :(

I have been happily enjoying discounts under GrabUnlimited which contrary to what the plan alludes, is LIMITED.

I exhausted all my six 38% Hotdeals and had only two 50% Hotdeals left.

So I decided to use my points instead for lunch today since my points will be expiring June 2022. Might as well use it now.

Poke Bowl from Eatomo@TTDI, kah liew. I love this stuff.

Eh? How come got a tub of wasabi?

I also brought some extra ingredients from home kah..kah..kah... Some diced tomatoes, cucumbers and onion. These are extras that were in my fridge.

I poured the poke bowl contents into my container and enjoyed to my heart's delight! And no, I did not use the wasabi. Sadly it was thrown away.

This morning, this fella was making moves on Girl.

But she ignored him. Clever Girl. Boys are always trouble hah..hah...hah...

On my way home I ordered dinner and used the 50% Hotdeals on a Mozza Burger and Fish Sandwich from A&W@TTDI.

I attacked the Fish Sandwich first. I have had this donkey years before and I had good memories of it. Would it be the same today?

As usual, I must put chili sauce before eating.

Wah.... I like! 

It is just as good as I remembered. Next time can order again.

Next, the Mozza Burger. I am quite fond of this burger.

I say, somebody wanted a bite too.

Girl! Not for you!

Somehow Belle Belle is not like that. She was quite contented to jaga mommy's laundry hah...hah...hah...

Belle! Sien ah?

Anyway, back to my Mozza Burger.


Cheap and good hee..hee..hee...

Washed down with soy bean milk. Burrpppp..... 


  1. Wah, now I want to eat A&W too. I always buy the coney beef sausage because that is my favourite food from A&W. Girl better be careful of Mr. Tom Cat who may attack her. Belle Belle is full from mommy's can food so no need human food unlike Girl who is a foodie will always want to try all food. 😄I didn't keep track of how many deals remaining because I buy food delivery everyday except on Sunday maybe so if all used up still need to use the app so no need to keep track. Thanks for reading the small print and informed us about it. Much clearer to me now cos I didn't bother to read the small print.

    1. hah..hah... I also like the beef coney but wanted to try the fish sandwich. I think I can actually eat all 3 LOL!

  2. Lol. Don't say so early. Now ah Girl not interested, later she interested in the other cat!! Better watch out!!!

    You are smart. Add extra ingredients to the poke bowl. Looked even more pretty and appetizing. Hehe.

    1. I hope that tom cat does not come back.

      I like to add ingredients from home so that I can finish leftover veggies and also make my meal more substantial. No need to pay for add on ingredients hee..hee..

  3. Lol! Your Girl got Boy interested already. Mommy better keep watch lo. Girl likes the smell of your burger. Good think I am still full from my dinner tonight or else I will be drooling over the burgers.

    1. I don't like those tom cats come and hamsup my girls LOL!

  4. hehe....i super like Mozza burger...high five! must have a Mozza burger fan club now & include ah girl in....kihkihkih...i just had Mozza burger for 2 consecutive days this week (bought 2 in one delivery).
    That male cat seems unafraid of u when u took his picture, even looking directly at the 'confidence'!

    1. LOL! I got to know Mozza Burger from you and from then on I was hooked :) That male cat I have seen him around before. I hope he does not come back to kacau my girls.

  5. These A&W burgers look nicer than the one in your previous post. That Mozza burger looks like a killer, so so good and so so so much cheaper too I see!
    These days I'm drinking VSoy original, no sugar, in those small convenient tetra packs for the protein. Doctor's advice, must take more protein.

    1. The A&W burgers are cheap and good. I enjoy them from time to time.

      Oh, I must look for the V Soy no sugar. I avoid sugary drinks too.

  6. Is that part of the service where you sign up for 99sen a month? I've been seeing it advertised repeatedly on my phone.

    1. It's a subscription plan where you get to enjoy discounts. So I guess yes, it's part of the service. No subscription, no discounts.