Saturday, 14 August 2021

Craving for Something Good

It looks like Selangor will be in Phase 1 of the the National Recovery Plan for a long, long time.

Nowadays when I see the published figures of daily new Covid-19 cases (today recorded at 20,670) I don't scream anymore. I am numb. Today Selangor hit 6,606 cases, the highest among all the states.

So. I can't wait any longer to eat my favorite meals at the restaurant. Thursday saw me tapau-ing something I thought I would not tapau because it is better to eat on site.

This is from Rice & Pot Empire one of my favorite hangouts for oink oink noodle soup.

Two plastic containers, one for the soup + dumplings + bursting meatballs and the other for the noodles (I requested for less noodles). There was also a small packet of my favorite choy poh condiment.

This is the Homemade Shrimp and Pork Dumplings in Tomato Pork Bone Soup with added Chives Wontons and Bursting Meatballs.

I actually have reservations about plastic containers being used for hot liquids/food. If I use plastic containers at home, I will wait for the food to cool down first before transferring into the containers.

In this instance of course, I have no choice since this is the packaging that the restaurant used.

I added the noodles to the soup.

And plonked the condiment on top.

Then I took my first sip.

Nyum! So nice!!

The taste is a good as before. Of course lah, nothing beats eating at the shop.

Like this.

Ah!  I miss the good old days of dining in, something I believe most of us took for granted. Now that we are deprived of dine in experience, we can't wait the dive dine in again, but of course once it is safer.

But having said that, yes, that was a craving satisfied!


  1. What is that? Yes, never mind that it is allowed, no need to dine in. #staysafe #staywell #stayhome Sibu is in Phase 3 but no, I have not gone anywhere to eat. Best not to take the risk - we never know.

    Kuching is still bad too, three figures. Honestly, so many thousand in a day, add the total of all the days - how many people are there in Selangor? Seems like a whole lot!!!

    1. It's pretty bad over here and you are right, do not be in a hurry to dine out. Sometimes, I just fantasize about it. LOL!

  2. So sad to be unable to enjoy our favourite food at eateries but at least can tapau. Some day I also craving for certain food, certain place. Some food is best eaten on the spot. but with current situation, we have to make do without.

    1. It's not too bad to tapau as I found the noodle soup taste to be acceptable. I should bring my nice bowl to the office. LOL!

  3. So you dabao and pick up the food from the restaurant yourself? Not food delivery right? It might be good to bring your own tiffin carrier to dabao unless it waa an impromptu decision to dabao at the last minute. Shrimp and pork dumplings in tomato soup with chives wantons sound good.

    1. Libby : Yes, dabao by ordering using the self-pick up option. Your suggestion is very good and ideal. Just that I don't want to go there, have to talk to the staff and then wait for my order.

  4. Looks really delicious! I will copy cat you and buy exactly the same food plus the add ons to try. Let me see got delivery to my place or not, else need to arrange Lalamove car. Thank you for being the inspiration on what to buy for delivery.

  5. With the rumours of PM stepping down, I suddenly have hope that dine-in would be allowed sooner.
    Tomorrow can go to hair saloons! Hooray!

    I love anything with tomato soup and rarely know where to get them. Now this Homemade Shrimp and Pork Dumplings in Tomato Pork Bone Soup is a welcome. I have been using my containers again as I have too many plastic boxes in my home now.

  6. I am numb to those figures too, not even bother to see everyday.
    Same here, I don't use plastic containers for hot food but when comes to food delivery, we have no choice. But if I personally go to an eatery and tapao, I'll bring my own lunchbox.