Monday, 12 August 2019

A Colorless Evening At Teochew Lor

This is the post that "disappeared" when I clicked "publish". Well thanks to Kris, I managed to find it!  
The last time I was at Teo Chew Lor@The Starling was way back in 2017. I was not too excited with the food and never returned.

But one day recently, my partner had lunch with an acquaintance at Teo Chew Lor. He liked the food and suggested that we have our Friday dinner there. I did not mind as I wanted to see if I felt the same way about the food since I last visited.

I asked my partner to order because this is more his territory hee..hee... 

Not my favorite drink and it turned out a tad too sweet.

These were the dishes we had.

Braised peanuts. I liked this.

The mixed platter (large) but it seems quite small to me.

Braised trotter (small). Yes it was very small.

Bittergourd with eggs. I liked this a lot.

Two bowls of congee for my partner and yam rice for me. My partner told me "This porridge is RM3 each. siaw!" heh...heh.... 

The yam rice was not too bad, better than the one I had on my first visit.

Everything brown...
Dinner was quite all right. Not my favorite but if my partner wants to visit again, I won't mind. After all, he tolerates Chili's for me hee..hee...


  1. Porridge and yam rice, both I like. But will choose yam rice if available.

    1. No porridge for me hee..hee.. I prefer rice!