Saturday 20 March 2021

Belle Belle in the House

After I wrote about Belle running away, something wonderful happened last Friday.

For some two weeks after she disappeared, Belle came back from time to time for food. Some days she shows up, some days she does not.

That Friday morning she came back. As usual, after makan she left. I went for my morning walk and five houses away, I saw a cat that looked like Belle (it was still dark and I could not see clearly).

I called out "Belle?" and sure enough, it was her and she ran towards me. I squatted down to pet her and I wondered, if I walked to the field, would she follow me like she did before? To my delight she did.

When I reached the field, I looked back and did not see Belle. I reckon she decided not to follow me all the way. So I commenced my walk around the field. Half way through my walk, I spotted Belle some 20 feet away. I called out "Belle Belle!" and she came running to me, just like a little puppy. Belle must have been a dog in her previous life hah..hah...

The sight of her running broke me and I burst into tears. I squatted down to pet her as she rubbed her head and face against my legs. Gosh, I was sobbing away and in that moment I strengthened my resolve to take Belle back and do right by her. I wanted to take her to the vet that day itself but I could not because I had some matters to attend to.

Needless to say, I had to abort the walk and on my way home, Belle again followed me like a sweet little puppy. She stayed outside the gate, making no attempt to follow me inside.

So. Saturday would be the day I take her to the vet, provided that she showed up in the morning. 

I got her cage ready the night before.

The next morning she showed up and I had to lure her into the house. I did that by putting her feeding bowl at the doorway but Belle was hesitant. When she was halfway inside, I pulled her in and closed the door. She struggled a bit but relented to enjoy her meal.

After she was done, I put her into the carrier. 

All this time, Girl was outside enjoying herself on top of this shoe rack which she reclaimed after Belle left. I had initially set this up for Girl but Belle claimed it as hers.

At the vet's clinic, I spotted this arm guard under the examination table. It looked well worn and they possibly got this ready for Belle hah..hah..

As in the previous visit, Belle was horrible. 

The vet held her down while his assistant trimmed Belle's claws. There was a whole lot of hissing and screaming and Belle peed on the table.

The vet quickly lifted her and held her over the sink while his poor assistant had to clean up. Then they finished the job. I was terribly embarrassed for the trouble Belle caused.

It was shower time after that. I felt very bad for the vet as he had to struggle with a very hostile and vicious Belle.

Belle was exhausted after the ordeal and fell asleep in her carrier. 

Back home, I kept her in the carrier while I let Girl feed first. From past experience, Belle had this nasty habit of going for Girl's bowl. 

I had to feed her close to the door because that's where she ran to after being let out of the carrier. Girl's attempt to be friendly was met with aggression which I reckon was due to the stress Belle experienced at the vet's.

After the meal she did a little walk about but stayed by the door after that.

My partner after he was done showering asked me to go ahead with mine and he volunteered to take care of Belle. When I came downstairs later, wah, she was on the sofa with daddy right on the spot where I usually sit.

Before bedtime, I put Belle inside the cage and she settled in peacefully.

The next morning I was in a dilemma. I had set up a litter box for Belle (with tofu litter) but she was not taking it. It was understandable because Girl took many weeks to accept tofu litter.  I had to let Belle outside to use her litterbox and I was worried, would she run away?

I took a leap of faith and opened the door. Off she went (in a hurry too) and I closed the door. I heard scratching noises outside which meant that Belle was using the litter box.

I fed Girl first and after she was done, I opened the door. There she was, Belle, waiting right outside the door. But she did not attempt to come inside. Again, I had to lure her with food.

In the evening I let her out again in case she needed to use the litter box (although from past experience she goes only once a day). Every day when I let her out, I worry.

But I thought to myself, why would she run?

She has reasonably comfortable digs.

Fairly good food.

I keep Belle inside the cage and I initially felt that it was cruel to confine her like this. But then again, those cats/dogs at the clinic that are boarded for treatment/recovery are also kept in cages in a clinical environment with no creature comforts.

Belle's cage is a lot more cosy in a homely environment, so I need not feel so bad about it. After her meals, I do let her enjoy some freedom in the house. 

It is usually 15-20 minutes and then she willingly goes into her cage without much fuss. Unlike in the past, she does not climb on the sofa, limiting herself to her cosy corner.

Yesterday, she did not use the litter box at all and it got me worried although this had happened before (back then I assumed she did her business elsewhere). 

Belle does these huge clumps of pee which makes me wonder how she manages to hold it all in for a whole day. 

Everyday I clean and apply medication to Belle's ears and I hope that she will make a speedy recovery. Once she does and with her establishing a routine at home, I can let her outside to play during the day like Girl. I am sure some sunshine and exercise will do her good.

I will continue to keep her inside the cage in the evenings so that she does not get in Girl's way.

So far things seem to be working out quite well and I hope that Belle is happy and that she won't run away again. 


  1. WHAT? Whole post no food fit for human consumption? I'm starving!!! LOL!!!

  2. Thank you for this post about Belle. Aiyo so heartwarming la, why this Belle Belle knows her name and will run to you when u call her! So terharu la to read your bond with Belle. Tears of joy! πŸ₯²

  3. What about her fur that was wet in one of your photos before? Does she need treatment for that? I do know of some cats peeing at the vets but all is good now. Pray πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™that she knows this is her home n u r her mama so that she won't run away again.

  4. Your partner is a good cat whisperer. πŸ‘ Cos he can get Belle Belle to sit next to him on the sofa. Thank you both for giving Belle Belle a home.

  5. I read your reply about drinking water in the previous post. I read online that cats must always be given access to fresh drinking water so I am wondering whether u need to put drinking water for her inside the cage. Perhaps can consult your vet about this. Most cats develop CKD when they get older due to lack of frequent drinking water.

  6. Ah Girl is so nice, she accepted Belle Belle d. May Belle Belle be friendly to Ah Girl over time. πŸ‘

  7. What time do u go for your morning walk since u wrote that it is still dark? I know u wakes up at 4 am everyday.

  8. Now that you are monitoring her pee and poo, if she doesn't pee for more than one day and doesn't poo for more than 2 days, then there is cause for concerns. Do you put drinking water for Ah Girl outside or inside when you go to work or sleep?

  9. Mun, I reply you satu kali OK?

    1. Belle's fur not wet like last time. Recovered already from the skin infection.
    2. I walk early around 6 something.
    3. I supply water inside and outside the house. Girl has free water access while Belle will drink when I let her out. My observation is that the two kitties don't drink copious amounts of water.

  10. So touching this post! I want to cry buckets too. You must be exhilarated that Belle is back.

    1. So touching, right? hah..hah.. Yes, I am very happy that Belle Belle is back. I will never let her go.

  11. I'm so, so happy to read about this happy ending to Belle Belle's story. Well done! I'm so glad to see her in her cage...and she does look very comfortable in it. So, please, don't feel that it's cruel coz it's worst if she's not safe and sound. You see, she's already used to the cage since she makes no fuss and goes in willingly. If not, just put some treats in the cage and she'll be more than willing to go in. And once she's used to her daily routine of being at home, eating at home and sleeping in her cage, she'll know this is her forever home and she will return home whenever you call out to her. ^_~

    1. Thank you, thank you :) She appears to treat the cage as her safe place. Although I allow her some freedom inside the house, she will make a beeline for her cage when she has had enough hanging out in the living room. So far things seem to be going smoothly and Belle is here to stay!

  12. Hi PH, I've been reading your blog and would like to give you a cream for Belle's ear infection as it helps to heal my dog's paw infection. Pls email me at Thank you.

    1. Hi Doris! Bless you for your thoughtfulness and generosity. Please do not trouble yourself. It will suffice to tell me the name of the cream and I would be happy to look for it. Thank you so much!

  13. Hi PH, no trouble at all as I m staying in BU and can pass you the cream (natural plant based without any chemicals) as I drive pass by Uptown anytime. I want to see Belle well, she's such a cutie! ☺ Pls whatsapp me 0122994131.