Thursday, 5 November 2020

Kitchen Goheung Solaris Mont Kiara (via Grabfood)


I am on the food delivery trail again because I got curious about Kitchen Goheung Solaris Mont Kiara (non-halal) after reading about it here

I immediately wanted to try the pork bone stew, in particular the pork bone with kimchi stew. So the only avenue was via Grabfood.

My first order was their pork bone stew (which comes with rice and two banchan) and kimchi pancake. I did not take a photo of my meal because I was busy that day. I had to attend a webinar, so I was parked in front of my computer for half a day.

That meal impressed me. The pork bone stew was superbly scrumptious. I drank every drop. But I was not as impressed with the kimchi pancake simply because it was all soggy by the time it got to me. 

After my first taste of the pork bone stew, I simply had to try the pork bone stew with kimchi. And since I read that this stew goes well with kimchi fried rice, I ordered a portion.

I was very curious about the stew, in particular if it would taste like the kimchi jigae that I cooked hee..hee..

What I saw was a lump of vege. 

Ooohhhh..........the pork bone was wrapped in kimchi!  How unique. Upon tasting the stew, wah! so good!! Not only that, my kimchi jiage tastes like that too! 

The kimchi spam fried rice was not bad but I felt that white rice is better to complement the kimchi stew. Savory and savory was too much on the tongue. 

I kept the rice and two banchan that came with the pork bone stew for dinner. And guess what? I had a portion of my DIY kimchi stew (frozen) to go with that.

The default banchan is kimchi and I simply love their kimchi. Why? Because it is not a fully fermented kimchi and it tasted fresh, just like kimchi that has just been freshly made or been made only a few days ago.

The other banchan was a mixture of carrots and cucumbers in a thick spicy paste. It was also delicious. 

And madam's home cooked kimchi stew can now stand proudly among those cooked by the ajunmas heh..heh...

I know this is crazy but the next day I wanted some more pork bone stew (I promise I will cook my own soon!). This time I opted for the regular pork bone stew that I ordered the first time.

You see, with regular pork bone stew, you get two meaty pork bones. But the one with kimchi, you get only one. Both are the same price. So.

The banchan was kimchi and fish cake.

This time the kimchi was a little tangier but still very fresh tasting. I dislike kimchi that is overly sour and super pungent.

I was a little disappointed when I saw the fishcake banchan but I must say that it tasted so much better than it looks. I really liked it a lot.

As for the pork bone stew, so, so darn good! Two meaty fall off the bone porky goodness. I am in love with this stew.

I also ordered something for dinner - the rice topped with stir fried pork. It was also very tasty, tasted just like this one, but with lots of crunchy vegetables.

I took the liberty of adding my favorite addictive eggs.

After the CMCO, I'd really like to make a trip down to Kitchen Goheung with my brother. I am sure he would appreciate a bubbling pot of pork bone stew to share with his sister.


  1. Wah! This post made me lau nuar. It's near lunch time and a mistake to hop into your blog. I agree that we should always eat plain white rice with Korean dishes. Their kimchi fried rice is only suitable to eat when no dishes except banchan are available. In every Korean fridge at home, they stock up at least 5 to 20 types of banchan. They sell these ready banchan like buffets in all supermarkets. You might go crazy there. As for the kimchi or spring onion pancakes, my Korean room mates would reheat them in the kitchen pan until crispy again. I think you need to buy a mini oven and sofa bed for your office. Need to relax and pamper our tired back sometimes. Haha

    1. I love the banchans and if I can get ready made ones, your are right, I will go crazy! Hmm... I did not think of reheating the pancake. Next time I shall try. There is not enough space in my office for a sofa bed but not a good idea for me, because I will want to lepak-lepak LOL!

  2. If your stir-fried kimchi pork & kimchi jigae tastes as good as their kimchi stew, no need to order already, just make your own. So, the pork bone stew & pork bone with kimchi stew taste exactly the same, the difference only being whether you get one or two pork bones? Ya, the fishcake banchan looks like something we (or chap fan stalls) would buy to stir-fry with vegetables...which tastes fishy & unappetising...haha! ;)

    You must really love kimchi as I see you're still on the kimchi trail. You either eat kimchi or you cook kimchi. Your posts since mid-Oct has been nothing but kimchi-related except for some breaks/posts that are! P/S: I'm with your more kimchi, ma! :D

    1. Yes, I will make my own soon. The two stews have a different taste. The one with kimchi has a stronger taste that comes from the kimchi.

      I do love kimchi - only the one that has not gotten sour and pungent from fermentation. I like it fresh hee..hee.. Oh! I better write about something else hah..hah...

  3. It sure is not photogenic. I'll just have the eggs, thank you...the ones you made, I mean, not that fried one. Eyewwww!!!!!

  4. wah….kimchi, stews, porks….yummmzz! you made me crave for Korean food now, especially the pork bone stew!

  5. That is some really interesting food!

  6. I wanna eat all the food you have shown here but I don't think grab delivers that far to my place. What is the taste of regular pork bone stew? Shouldn't be the same taste like kimchi pork bone stew, right? Does it have a tinge of sweetness?

    1. The kimchi one is a tad tangier and stronger tasting.

  7. I have been craving for Korean food for weeks, this post makes me even more crave for it. I can see the pork bone stew is something like bean paste soup, does it?

    1. I have not tried Korean bean paste soup yet, so I can't confirm. LOL!