Sunday, 12 September 2021

Before I Take A Break

This post is a little bit of a mish mash of the happenings for the past two weeks or so. I am not in the right frame of mind (and also no time) to write a nice proper post with a focused subject matter.

There was another birthday celebration, again not mine hah..hah... My brother was very kind to tapau a few slices and send over for me to enjoy.

This was my "cheer me up" lunch cum dinner many days ago.

The usual Big Breakfast things - bacon, eggs, sausages, baked beans and English muffins.

I saw Choi Yen's recipe for Air Fried Pumpkin, so I bought pumpkin to try her recipe (since I love pumpkin!).

I meant to do a proper post on this but I did not have the time. I am happy to report that the pumpkin turned out very well. 

I decided to buy these hooded litter boxes for my two bosses. For three days after I set up the new toilets, my two cats were constipated. It was only on day 4 that I found deposits tsk...tsk...tsk...

Belle Belle squeezed herself into this red basket much to my amusement. She is quite fat now, fatter that Girl.

Ah! My stash of Tempeh Chips arrived! It's my new favorite snack.

My favorite flavor is the Original Sea Salt. And no, there is no such thing as a healthy snack (unless that snack is carrot or celery sticks or something to that effect), superfood or whatever. Moderation is key.

Again, I wanted to do a post on this but I can't think straight. Which is why I have to take a break. So I will see you when I see you.


  1. Your brother's birthday? The one who's still single!!! Happy birthday, all the best, may all good things come his way in the year ahead!
    WOWWWWWW!!! That Big Breakfast is to die for!!! I've been wanting to cook something like that in the morning but every day I got lazy and happily settled for instant noodles instead. So kesian! LOL!!!

    You're taking a break? What break?

  2. Big breakfast for lunch?? Lol. But sure looked big!!

    Hope nothing serious. Take care. Hope to hear from you soon once you are return from your break. 😊

  3. The big breakfast looks yums! I like the look of the eggs. Those look like two decent "toilets" for your girls. I like the packaging of your snack. I would be interested to try the chips.

  4. Is the cake coconut panda cake? Looks yummy.

  5. Thank you for taking time to update us. Your big breakfast looks very good, especially the muffins. Very nice toilets! The girls are blessed to have you as their mama. Hahaha, Belle Belle is so cute to squeeze into the small basket. That tempeh chip looks so good. I am going to buy to try. Thanks for the recommendation. All the best to everyone. Take care!

  6. Although I don't know why you need to take a break! but take a good rest during your break and stay safe and healthy.

  7. very well set up of toilets with more privacy...LOL! Good to have 'surprise cakes' delivered over to house....the cake itself is enough to cheer up my day! Days are getting busier with economy re-open...My mind can't think straight too....

  8. I think this is the same onde-onde cake you were blessed with before some other family member's birthday if I remember correctly. Must be very nice.
    That kind of breakfast will cheer anybody up.
    Wah, your toilets very "atas" lah for your two bosses. I don't think cats can hold out for 3 days without depositing (I think they tahan until you let them out...and they probably deposited in the litter box you left outside the I've seen Cookie doing it (pee only lah) in some (neighbours') bushes (free fertiliser for the plants) outside the house! :D Cat in a basket...yup, Cookie does that too.
    As for your new favourite snack...I don't eat tempeh, so this won't tempt me at all...emping chips, yes! ;)
    Have yourself a good break...take all the time you need to recharge, rejuvenate & rediscover....and I'll 'see' you when you want to 'see' us. Take good care of yourself...cheers! :)

  9. I like the big breakfast plate for lunch cum dinner. I was tempted to have the same for dinner tonight but it so happened that they bought sambal petai for us. Pumpkin looks yummy. Pretty litter boxes for Belle and Girl. Yummy looking tempeh chips. Enjoy your break and hope to see you back refreshed.

  10. It's definitely good to take a break from what we are doing now and I hope you can be fully rejuvenated & recharged after your break!
    Glad that you like the AF pumpkin!

  11. Oh, I would love to try that tempeh too.. .looks healthy... so you are taking a break like me? I think I took many breaks already.. hahahaa.. just couldn't find the time and blogging mode these days... anyway, keep safe and strong!


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