Wednesday, 24 November 2021

Li Wei, The Starling Damansara Uptown

A new food kiosk has opened at A Foodie's Nest, The Starling. Li Wei occupies the spot vacated (for the longest time) by Fujisawa Izakaya which is located next to my favorite Hotpot1.

This spot was set up for some months before it started operations recently.

So I went to inspect the menu. char siew/siew yoke fan! And fried rice too. There is also something interesting called Eatery Poached Cripsy Fried Rice with Superior Broth. I would have to be in an adventurous mood to try that.

Then there is porridge, which means I can bring my partner here kih...kih...kih...

They also do noodles. How wonderful!

And wantan mee too. 

Ah, they also have two vegetable side dishes and some add ons. Nice. Lots of choices.

So. I had to check them out.

I could not resist trying the whole works - steamed chicken, char siew and siew yoke (RM11.90).

I requested for the chicken drumstick portion and to my delight, my request was fulfilled. I must say that the chicken, char siew (very nicely caramelized) and siew yoke were better than I expected. So was the rice. I was quite impressed,

And the soup was no token diluted soup (which is usually the case elsewhere) but was robust with prawn flavors. The chili dip was pretty good too. What can I say? This Li Wei got standard lah

Next up was the Seafood & Roasted Pork Curry Noodle (RM18.90). 

My brother will be very pleased to know that the curry mee here is garnished with mint leaves.

Let's see what the seafood is all about.

There are some clams (I didn't count how many), prawns (two tiny ones), squid (one piece) and fish (one piece). 

The gravy is light in consistency but full of flavors. Not the jelak type.

This is the tiny piece of fish. LOL!

So did I enjoy this curry noodle?

Need I say more? hah..hah... Best of all, I did not feel thirsty afterwards.

By the way, one clam was dead because it did not open.

And now for the acid test. The Penang Fried Kuey Teow.

It better be good at RM10.90 a plate.

I won't say that this is the best Penang CKT but it is much better than some that I have tasted so far (even better than the one I had in Penang). 

There were two prawns and some small pieces of meat but lots of fresh crunchy beansprouts. It also had a whole lot of wok hei going on but at RM10.90 a plate, I won't be eating this so often.

So yeah, I like this Li Wei very much and you can bet that I will be visiting again to try the other items on the menu and to revisit my favorites.


  1. I love the look of the char siew, so very charred and so very siew-ed. Nice!!!

    The curry mee looks really good too. Oh? So if the clams refuse to open, they are DOA (dead on arrival) or the term used today, BID (brought in dead). LOL!!! I didn't know that!

    That Penang char kway teow looks VERY good too, value for money!

    Now I've got my eyes on all the roast meats dangling in the cabinet. Slurpssssss!!!!!

  2. Curry noodle looked good and so was the ckt. Drooling all over.

  3. i would go for the chicken rice + siew yok + charsiew combo and the curry roasted pork/seafood noodles too! Looks delicious! i m so hungry now!

  4. You have me drooling over the food. The chicken rice combo and seafood curry noodle look delicious.

  5. Thanks for the review! I miss starling mall. Dunno when I will get to go there again. Now I am curious, will u try the eatery poached crispy fried rice? If yes, hope to read your review about it because I don't know what it is from the name. Lolx! ๐Ÿ˜…

  6. This kiosk like bring all good food stalls in a kopitiam into shopping mall, under one roof, great!

  7. That Curry Noodle omgggg look so good!

  8. I think the price of the CKT is alright seeing that this is an air-conditioned food court in a shopping mall. I like the looks of this CKT coz it has lap cheong in it. On the contrary, I find the seafood curry mee more expensive since the seafood was almost non-existent...two tiny prawns and a piece each of squid & fish doesn't qualify it to be a seafood curry! >.< Thankfully, there were some good-sized pieces of siu yuk.


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